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: October 16, 2006, 04:52:00 PM


We've finally heard the tape of Joey Sunshine's Monday appearance on ESPN Radio's Man-Girl & Meatball in the Morning, and we can now report with 100 percent certainty that Joe is, well, a moron. 

Talking about the Miami-Florida International brawl from Saturday night, Theismann said, "I think they ought to instill some type of credibility and discipline to the 'M' as guys want to refer to it."

As anyone who ever watches ESPN and who has at least a partially-functioning brain knows, it's not referred to as the "M".  It's referred to as the "U".

But that wasn't even Theismann's most glaring error.  In his opening comments about the game that he's covering on Monday night between the Cardinals and the Bears -- a game for which he presumably has been preparing by, for example, studying the manner in which the team's key players were acquired -- Sunshine said this: 

"Rex Grossman is everything that Lovie Smith thought he was when he drafted him in '03."

The only problem with that statement?  Smith wasn't working for the Bears when Grossman was drafted.  Smith was the defensive coordinator of the St. Louis Rams.  Grossman was drafted by the Bears when **CENSORED** Jauron was the head coach.

Folks, we know that we take plenty of shots at Theismann.  But this has to be the most egregious error we've seen any broadcaster commit.  It suggests to us that Theismann is doing the bare minimum, or less, to get ready for the games.  And it suggests that he is sleepwalking during meetings with the teams that he is covering. 

Most importantly, Theismann's statement confirms that the guy simply talks out of his ass, and that he assumes that no one will be smart enough to figure it all out.  It wasn't a slip of the tongue or an innocent mistake; Theismann's statement suggests that he has an unacceptably low level of "walking around" knowledge of the NFL, that he does a terrible job of preparing (which we assume is a big part of what he gets paid to do), and that he is sufficiently arrogant to think he can get away with it.

Though we can't imagine Monday nights without him (and that's not a compliment, Joe), ESPN's coverage can never be taken seriously until Theismann is gone.

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what a freaking dumbass

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#1 : October 16, 2006, 08:25:51 PM

So true. I wonder if we actually counted, who would make the most number of bone-headed statements in one game: Madden or Theisman. I'm just glad that Paul MacGuire is nowhere near a mike this year for football. Talk about annoying.

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