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#30 : February 12, 2007, 12:46:47 PM

The Tampa 2 is different than the Cover 2; whether Dungy has stopped running what is now considered the Tampa 2, or just runs a standard Cover 2 and credits it's originators is his business.

The fundemental difference between them is the MLB.  In the Cover 2, the linebackers play a zone just behind the DLs in a straight line, with the two safeties playing deep cover.  The official version of the Tampa 2 has the MLB playing much deeper, all the way back into the Safeties area, splitting the deep section of the field into 3 zones, and decreasing the middle section to just four zones played by the remaining linebackers and the cornerbacks, instead of the Cover 2's five zones (3 LBs, 2 CBs)

The key to any successful defense is to adapt to the context of the game; no team will be successful ALWAYS playing a zone defense, regardless of it's a base zone, a normal Cover 2 or the Tampa 2.  And the Bucs certainly didn't either, or Ronde Barber wouldn't have 20 career sacks.

The reason the Bears were soundly beaten when playing defense was because they played an extremely soft Tampa/Cover 2, playing off the receivers and not putting any pressure by mixing up their formation.  They gave the Colts everything underneath: 11 of Peyton's 25 completions went to RBs, mostly just out of the backfield underneath.

When teams change their defensive playbook to "cover 2" they're usually referring to all the fronts that go with it. That includes the Tampa 2 which you have explained so well. But also a man under two deep look or a man under two deep look with the Mike Backer playing a middle zone. There's a lot of variations of cover 2 but the fundamentals are the same. Don't give up the big play and play your gap.

The problem with the Bears is they got so concerned with Dallas Clark that Urlacher was always dropping deep in a tampa 2 look. That's why Peyton ran so many draws and dumped it off to the back so much. The Mike Linebacker is always 20 yards deep.  It's why Brian got frustrated. Just like you said. They were playing soft and scared. That's not how you play cover 2. Not in Tampa at least.

Also here in Tampa our cover 2 defense is very different in the sense that the Bucs barely run cover 2 as much as other teams in the leaque. For instance the Colts are in some sort of cover 2 front the entire game almost. They are very vanilla. They play you straight up. They force the other team to adjust to them. The Bucs on the other hand play a cover 3,  man under look,  cover 4, a zone blitz front, a little 46, some nickel 3-3-5,  and varations of cover 2. There's so much tape out there of the Bucs cover 2 that the Bucs play a lot of different fronts to go with it. It's why Carson Palmer had a problem against our team. From the tape he saw it looked like the Bucs weren't going to play cover 2 against the Bengals that much but  instead we played cover 2 almost all day against them and barely blitzed.  You think the Bucs were playing cover 2 against the Redskins last year in the playoffs? Heck no. We had Jermaine Phillips playing underneath the entire time, with 8 or 9 man fronts, we were forcing Brunell to beat us deep. He couldn't. That's the beauty of the defense in Tampa. We are a base cover 2 team but we run so many varations within it that teams are forced to adjust to us and get beat by us.


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#31 : February 12, 2007, 01:29:27 PM

It is personnel - no[t] scheme.

This is the crux of the matter, imo.  If we improve our personnel (particularly at UT), I think our defense will be just fine running a tampa-2 based scheme.  If not, well, you can't polish a ... booger.  So basically, I agree with you entirely.
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