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: September 16, 2009, 12:59:05 PM

I wanted all the real good players. I am a genius!

Some of these picks were gimme's that they'd be good.  Hell, pull up our past posts and let's see who everyone wanted...this should be fun...

SarasotaBuc Fan

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#1 : September 16, 2009, 02:53:23 AM

For me it was AP instead of gaines adams.

The next year i wanted Chris Johnson instead of talib.

And this last year, josh freeman was the right move.

Could you imagine if i was the GM of the bucs?  we would have by far the best rushing attack in the league.  the 2 most explosive backs in the league on one team would be awesome.

who did you support drafting the last few years?  and how did they turn out?


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#2 : September 16, 2009, 02:56:27 AM

2004 - I wanted and had a feeling about Michael Clayton, and back on TBBBB I did a mock draft with the Bucs picking him 4 months before the draft even started.
2005 - Cedric Benson. Yea, I know.
2006 - Santonio Holmes. I even started a thread about how pissed I was we didn't take him.
2007 - Calvin Johnson. Duh.
2008 - Devin Thomas, Philip Merling, Mike Jenkins all come to mind of who I wanted over Talib.. glad I'm wrong about that.
2009 - Josh Freeman was who I wanted and was thrilled to see him get drafted.


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#3 : September 16, 2009, 03:05:30 AM

2004: Steven Jackson
2005: Mike Williams (shoot me)
2006: Ernie Sims or Chad Greenway
2007: Calvin Johnson
2008: Mike Jenkins
2009: Maclin or Harvin


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#4 : September 16, 2009, 03:25:48 AM

2004: DeAngelo Hall, Lee Evans, or Steven Jackson...
2005: Either one of the Williams (Carnell or Mike)... Glad it was Caddy!
2006: Ernie Sims, Santonio Holmes, Winston Justice, or Marcus McNeill...
2007: Calvin Johnson or AP...
2008: Mike Jenkins, Aqib Talib, Devin Thomas, Desean Jackson, Chris Johnson, Jonathan Stewart, Donnie Avery, or James Hardy...
2009: Been pimpin Freeman way before the draft...
2010: Gerald McCoy, Suh, Terrence Cody, Taylor Mays, or DestinationEndZone Bryant...

#5 : September 16, 2009, 04:34:17 AM

Guys I liked-

2004: Jonathon Vilma, Steven Jackson, Vince Wilfork (#1 on my Bucs wishlist), Michael Jenkins, Karlos Dansby

2005: Derrick Johnson, Travis Johnson, Marcus Spears, Mike Patterson

2006: Ernie Sims, Antonio Cromartie, Mario Williams, Manny Lawson, Michael Huff, Chad Jackson, Tarvaris Jackson, Leon Washington

2007: JaMarcus Russell, Gaines Adams, Joe Thomas, AP, Lawrence Timmons, Buster Davis, Brandon MERIWEATHER, LeMarr Woodley, Dwayne JArrett

20008: Glenn Dorsey, Darren McFadden, Jonathon Stewart, Mike Jenkins, Mario Manningham, Geno Hayes, Ray Rice

Guys I hated-

2004- DeAngelo Hall
2005- Mike Williams
2006- Devin Hester
2007- LaRon Landry
2008- Chad Henne, Matt Ryan (didnt hate him, but thought he was over rated)

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#6 : September 16, 2009, 08:37:19 AM

There is no point in mentioning names of players taken before our pick.   In 2005 I really wanted Ronnie Brown but he was gone.  I might have gone with Mike Williams.  I bought into the hype about him and he was a local kid.  I also really like Derrick Johnson and Aaron Rodgers.  In the 2nd Khalif Barnes would have been my pick but I didn't hate Ruud as a prospect.

Looking at the the 2006 draft I don't really know who I would have taken.  I didn't hate the Joseph pick like many did but I don't know if he would have been my pick.  No one really stands out.  I remember wanting Bunkley or Sims and thinking one would still be avail. but that wasn't the case.  Probably would have taken Winston Justice.  I really hated the Trueblood pick however.  Probably would have gone with Claude Wroten or Aston Youboty, or Eric Winston with that pick.

In 2007 I really wanted Joe Thomas and Calvin Johnson but they were gone.  Wasn't big on Adams.  Thought AP was a risky pick because of his injury history.  Really liked Patrick Willis who I thought was the best def. player in the draft.  I probably would have gone with him.  In hindsight he's probably is the 4th best player in this draft and definately the best on D.  Didn't mind the Sears pick but he really wasn't on my mind.  I was hoping Branch would still be there.  I probably would have gone with David Harris,  Tim Crowder,  Ryan Kalil, or Eric Wright.

In 2008, I didn't really like the Talib pick.  Would have gone with Cason over him or Jenkins.  But Philip Merling would have been my pick.  Also liked Felix Jones and Desaun Jackson.

In 2009 I was hoping for Freeman.


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#7 : September 16, 2009, 10:20:07 AM

There were a number of players I liked in each drat that were taken higher than our pick.  I will list who I was hoping for and who I would have picked if I were the GM when we were on the clock.

2004 - wanted Jonathan Vilma, would have selected Vince Wilfork

2005 - wanted Cadillac all the way

2006 - wanted Tamba Hali, would have selected Mathias Kiwanuka

2007 - wanted CJ, would have tried to move down a couple spots and taken Amobi Okoye (I really liked that kid and didn't see the need for drafting AP)

2008 - wanted Jonathan Stewart, would have taken Mike Jenkins

2009 - wanted BJ Raji in the worst way, would have traded up for him but not a likely possibility, I would have taken Vontae Davis

Jenkins would have been a bad pick but we would have a better pass rush if my picks were made and I wouldn't mind having that right now!

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#8 : September 16, 2009, 10:25:20 AM

2004 Wilfork or Steve Jackson over Clayton
2005 Wanted Caddy
2006 Wanted Marcus McNeil over Davin
2007 Wanted Adams
2008 Didn't like anyone at the spot because didn't like DB in R1 for our old defense

All posts are opinions in case you are too stupid to figure that out on your own without me saying it over and over.


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#9 : September 16, 2009, 10:29:59 AM

Wanted Cadillac

Wanted Michael Clayton

Wanted Calvin Johnson

Wanted Adrian Peterson

Wanted Aquib Talib

Wanted Percy Harvin

Booker Reese

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#10 : September 16, 2009, 10:42:55 AM

2004 - wanted Vilma, would have taken Wilfork. Maybe my worst call of all-time though was arguing that dropping down and taking Rashaun Woods would have been better than grabbing Clayton.

2005 - Wanted Caddy, also loved Ware (I'm a defensive-type)

2006 - DeMeco Ryans. Also preferred McNeil to Joseph.

2007 - Really wanted Joe Thomas, but Adams since Thomas wasn't available.  At the time I also advocated trying to trade up for CJ or JT and drafting a DE like Spencer or Lamarr Woodley (now both 3-4 OLBs)

2008 - Was pretty ambivalent (Mendenhall maybe?) but was ok with corner. Didn't know much about Talib because I thought he'd be gone. Didn't have a lot of belief in Chris Johnson or the WR from Houston, and was strongly against Devin Thomas.

2009 - big-time Raji fan, but as we got to our pick I wanted either Oher or Freeman, or a drop down for Harvin. I did not want to see Ayers on this team.

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#11 : September 16, 2009, 10:46:37 AM

I really like DeMarco Ryans as well and thought he was a great fit for Monte's D but didn't think he was value in the first.  He's ended up being a pretty solid player.


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#12 : September 16, 2009, 11:01:28 AM

2009: I wanted Percy... I also wouldve been happy with anyone but Freeman.


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#13 : September 16, 2009, 11:02:56 AM

Telling the truth of who I wanted and would have drafted.(first 4 rounds)

1st-RB Steven Jackson
3rd-CB Will Poole
4th-DE Robert Geathers

1st- WR Mike Williams
2nd-LB Lofa Tatupu
3rd-RB Darren Sproles (beast in college, surprised he fell to 4th round)
3rd-CB Dominique Foxworth
4th-OL Elton Brown

1st-OT Marcus McNeill
2nd-OT Eric Winston
3rd-WR Maurice Stovall
4th-CB Alan Zemaitis

1st-DE Gaines Adams(Calvin Johnson wasn’t available with our pick, and as much as a beast Peterson is, we already spent a top 5 pick On Caddy 2 years prior-one of which was Rookie of the Year award)
2nd-OG Arron Sears
2nd-DE Charles Johnson
3rd-DT DeMarcus Tyler
4th-S Tanard Jackson(should have been atleast a 2nd round pick, but character issues made him fall)

1st-DE Lawrence Jackson
2nd-before trade down-QB Brian Brohm.  After trade down-WR Mario Manningham
3rd-LB Phillip Wheeler
4th-DT Dre Moore

1st-CB Vontae Davis
3rd-DT Roy Miller
4th-DE Lawrence Sidbury

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#14 : September 16, 2009, 11:11:37 AM

The scary thing is even though we are all just a bunch of amatuers our drafts would have been better than Allen/Gruden.

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