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#15 : October 02, 2009, 01:13:27 PM

Morris has accountability issues.
That is our teams main problem, the team is not accountable for sucking. Morris blames it on everything but the real problem, a lack of coaching.

Gruden used to always say in his pressers: "I have to do a better job of coaching"


"That falls on us, as coaches we have to be better prepared for that situation"


You get the drift...

Morris needs to hold himself accountable before he can hold others accountable...

He has stated in several PCs that he has to do a better job coaching. Especially, this last PC.


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#16 : October 02, 2009, 01:37:53 PM

I think it was weird that they fired Gruden and Allen later on than the other teams that fired their coaches.  That caused us to miss some of the top coordinators.  They should have kept Gruden another year, fired allen, and had Morris be the D coordinator.  He went from being the water boy to head coach.  Just don't see success that way..

I could easily see them dumping Allen who was just terrible and keeping Gruden who was a very average HC.  As little respect as I have for Gruden, that is probably what I would have done to be honest.  I'm sure that something behind the scenes kept that from happening however.

RM was hardly the "waterboy" here.  He was an elite DB coach and position coaches have had success in this league so the template wasn't horrible. 

After 3 games, yes, RM hasn't gotten it done.  I'm not super worried about the 3 games per se since the cupboard was pretty bare.  But the lack of any kind of defense IS disturbing.  I assumed RM would be able to step up the troops there, and he hasn't.  In the last half of the year, if the defense doesn't show dramatic improvement, he needs to go. 

Sort of ironic in a sad way; the Offensive HC couldn't develop any kind of offense, and our Defensive HC hasnt developed any kind of defense. 

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#17 : October 02, 2009, 02:16:13 PM

Morgan, why would you post a post by some geek who isn't even a professional writer?    It's like someone taking one of my posts or your own and posting it on another site as if it had some kind of inside info.  Except that we have actually played sports before a time or two in our lives so we probably do have more inside info than that idiot.   Here's the nerd who wrote that post.   Ya, I'm sure he knows what he's talking about...   looks like he's played a lot of football in his life...

Morris is the worst head coach in the NFL... take that to the bank.

lol dude looks like brian peppers

John Galt?

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#18 : October 02, 2009, 03:48:30 PM

I love how Norv Turner and Wade Phillips, who's teams are a combined 4-2 are ranked lower than coaches who have never won a game yet. Stupid article.

Morris is young and comes off in press conferences as "he doesn't know what he's doing". I'm not saying that is the case just saying how he is being perceived by many. Prove the haters wrong Morris...have the Bucs lose by less than 13 this Sunday!!!!

Morris is not so hot right now.

Man...I have this feeling that Rah was a VERY bad hire, and that Dom was also.

Agree on Rah, disagree on Dom.

The only thing I can find fault with Dom on was the Clayton contract. The Jagz hire was on Morris, as was Bates. I don't think he was in a position to override Rahs picks.
And he did get us KW2, Ward, Penn (before he was GM) and after round 1, it was a decent draft. I think the idea to get Lefty was more Rah's than Dom's.

Rah on the other hand has made LOTS of mistakes, Lefty as starter, giving JJ & JF no reps in TC so Dumb&Dumber can battle it out, Jagz, Bates, zero leadership on field, talking too much in PCs (see SR's Fab 5), and mostly giving his inept coordinators too much authority without enough accountability.

IMO, Raheem's biggest problem is he is trying to be the "boss everyone likes", he is trying to be everyone's pal and buddy instead of kicking arses and demanding a higher standard. This applies to coordinators and position coaches as well as players. He needs to be more like Belichick and Coughlin and less like Barney the Dinosaur.


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#19 : October 02, 2009, 06:24:32 PM

'rah is the worst coach in the league
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