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: October 14, 2009, 09:25:57 AM

An Easy 7- Step Solution

1. Clear house once more and bring in a coach that knows what it's like to compete and win. i.e. Shannahan or lure Cowher out of retirement. I wasn't completly sold on Raheem in the first place. Sure he's a "players" coach but sometimes you have to be the father and lay the smackdown instead of being a brother you can tell secrets to.

2. Freeman cannot ride the bench any longer than the remainder of this year. I suggest to throw him in after the bye week and give him 2 weeks to prepare for the Packers which is a winnable game since they struggled against the Rams and dropped one to Cincy.

3. Bring in an Offensive Coordinator who knows what hes doing and wont cross his fingers every pass play. Greg Olson is complete garbage, I dont like what he stands for, some of these plays are asenine. Lets get back to the basics and have a deep playbook which includes the long ball and zone blocking which can truly free up the running game.

4. Stupid expenditures. Stop PLEASE Stop wasting money.  [banghead] [banghead]  [banghead] unbelieveable !! Franchise Tag Bryant but when the performance does not equal or exceed output you must reconsider the expense. Sure no one guessed that it would come down to Bryant no performing or Nugent getting signed and couldn't hit water if he jumped out of a boat.

5. The NFL has made a progression through an evolution of a 2-Back system and Wildcat formation as well. We currently have Caddillac Williams a 1st Rd 5th Pick, Derrick Ward a 1,000 yrd rusher behind Jacobs last year, and Earnest Graham a diamond in the rough who had a breakout season. The running game needs a facelift even if it mean running some Wildcat. Dolphins have experimented with Pat White as the Wildcat, why can't we start Freeman and have JJ run the wildcat??? Thoughts???

6. Draft/Free Agency. We need to Draft/Sign nearly an entire defense but aside lets get some supporting cast members for Freeman. I'm not putting him on the pedestal but lets get real, his only above average target out there is K2. This also includes getting an upgrade for Trueblood, too many penalties, too many missed assignments. he is under performing, a tackle is necessary for success--I can deal with Penn because of his attitude just wish he dropped like 20 lbs of fat that slob..

7. CB. Let's get that Nickel corner, elbert mack can't hack it in the NFL. Honestly this could probably be best addressed via early to mid draft i.e. 3rd 4th 5th. 

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#1 : October 14, 2009, 09:48:35 AM

Everybody has an opinion and you have a right to yours.

I just don't happen to agree.

Learn to disagree without being disagreeable-Ronald Reagan circa 1981
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