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: November 06, 2009, 01:38:41 AM

Sacks are thrown around by fans as a way to measure a teams success rate of getting after opposing quarterbacks, but what many naive fans don’t factor in to the equation is QB Hits and QB Pressures. Hitting a quarterback repeatedly or hurrying a quarterbacks decision making process can also lead to positive gains by a defense. What i have done is tracked qb hits, qb pressures(forced out of the pocket) and sacks and divided by number of pass attempts a defense has faced which then give you the actual pressures per attempt meaning the number of pass attempts before a quarterback is pressured and then the pressure percentage is roughly the percentage a qb is either sacked, hit or hurried.

Eagles    2.01    50%
Vikings    2.01    50%
Redskins    2.03    49%
Cowboys    2.12    47%
Steelers    2.21    45%
Broncos    2.22    45%
Cardinals    2.25    44%
Giants    2.26    44%
Ravens    2.27    44%
Texans    2.29    44%
Patriots    2.30    43%
Jets    2.31    43%
Raiders    2.33    43%
Saints    2.34    43%
Chargers    2.36    42%
Falcons    2.39    42%
Packers    2.45    41%
Buccaneers    2.47    41%
Colts    2.48    40%
Browns    2.48    40%
Panthers    2.49    40%
Dolphins    2.53    40%
Rams    2.56    39%
49ers    2.66    38%
Bears    2.69    37%
Bengals    2.69    37%
Titans    2.78    36%
Seahawks    2.81    36%
Bills    2.88    35%
Chiefs    3.07    33%
Lions    3.30    30%
Jaguars    3.85    26%
NFL AVERAGE    2.50    41%

Even though the Bucs rank 29th in the league with only 11 sacks, they are still at top twenty team in regards to overall pressure on opposing quarterbacks. While the overall pressure has been there there lack of stunts, tackle end games and different blitz packages to maximize the new scheme has not been there. It boils down to the teams ability to finish plays or in this case planting opposing quarterbacks.


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#1 : November 06, 2009, 02:02:26 AM

Ya, Gaines was getting good pressure.   Just no sacks.   


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#2 : November 06, 2009, 02:13:04 AM

i agree sacks are subjective but pressures are too depending on how close you get to a QB and such. Our pass rush is completely pathetic so us being in the top 20 of pressures just shows me how subjective that stat can be.

you can't deny that rule changes have made large sack totals much more a thing of the past. Now QBs don't have to worry so much about guys getting jammed and thus can get rid of the ball to WRs earlier in than decades before when WRs couldnt' get into their route as easily.

all the lowest sack percentage years are in the late 90s and this decade.

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#3 : November 06, 2009, 07:54:54 AM

Sack and hits matter not pressures (getting close) because if you do not actually hit the QB then he doesn't "feel" the pressure. We might get a lot of pressure but precious few hits so our pressure is functionally meaningless. The other metric missing from this is the time to hit. QB's will hold the ball with us because they have zero fear of the quick pressure and so we might get near the QB but we only do it after 3.5 seconds or so which is a lot longer than a lot of other teams.

We're awful at affecting the QB's game from the DL.

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#4 : November 06, 2009, 09:05:13 AM

Completely arbitrary statistic.
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