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 on: Yesterday at 08:49:34 PM 
Last post by Cyrus
Interesting read on Gilkey


After reading about what he's endured how could you not pull for him. Very interesting. Thanks for posting.

 on: Yesterday at 08:38:49 PM 
Last post by threadkiller
Did you really just compare being the general manager of an NFL team to being a doctor performing surgery on the human body?  Dude......

 on: Yesterday at 08:35:53 PM 
Last post by Garv
I want Seastrunk
Damn seastrunk was cut? Id absolutely love to snag him

Based on what? One run in the second half against third and fourth string players who are, for the most part, no longer on the team? This is why message board posters are not the best judges of talent and maybe, kind of sort of should not be involved in formulating final roasters at the NFL level. No offense, I know it happens a lot anyway.

No offense, but some of you message board fan boys put these NFL types up on a pedestal they don't deserve.  I would bet that our roster would look better right now if Pepsi were making the calls the last 5 years vs. the guy we were paying millions of dollars to do that job. 

Also, I'm guessing Pepsi Likes Lache based more on watching him for several seasons be an electric runner in college instead of one play against the Bucs scrubs.

Bingo. Does anyone really think these jobs are rocket science? Anyone can do it. Give me access to a scouting team and unpaid interns and I can hit about half my draft picks too.

LOL Absolutely! You give me a scalpel and a copy of Gray's Anatomy and I'll operate on your BRAIN if you think your qualifications as a message board poster equal that of and NFL GM. I KNOW there are many who really believe they could do it but seriously? Again, I mean no offense, just pointing out in as humorous a way that it just isn't as easy as you obviously imagine.

 on: Yesterday at 08:33:38 PM 
Last post by germcanbuc
I say hand him a suspension and cut the colts out of profits (as discussed in the article) for however long his suspension is. Fining him wont do anything as its peanuts to him. I understand the commish probly wont hold his employers accountable for fear of backlash, but he should.....At least to get something right in his tenure.

 on: Yesterday at 08:33:07 PM 
Last post by threadkiller
Yeah but....


 on: Yesterday at 08:17:35 PM 
Last post by Beatles123

 on: Yesterday at 08:14:28 PM 
Last post by Dolorous Jason
James did well too before he broke his foot...and he can actually pass block....and hes not a pothead....and hes still on the roster.

Imagine that.

 on: Yesterday at 08:09:36 PM 
Last post by CalicoJack55
Skull & Bones must be pretty stoked we are getting so white across the inside of that O-line.
What's messed up is S and B is a black dude.

Go figure.

That's a skit on "In Living Color", right?

 on: Yesterday at 08:08:29 PM 
Last post by vicious00cycle
Being from the area, I really thought they would have learned the lesson on over paying mediocre QB's by now...

 on: Yesterday at 08:04:07 PM 
Last post by Boid Fink
Blount did work in New England. He contributed.  He did for the Bucs as well.

Demps has stolen a lot of money for being a sideshow freak.

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