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 on: Today at 07:31:18 PM 
Last post by chace1986
Couldn't handle the pressure at UT...so he transferred to SMU. Pass.

 on: Today at 07:28:29 PM 
Last post by blind melon
Talented and raw

A Tedford fit... 

5th round prospect

 on: Today at 07:26:30 PM 
Last post by GameTime
We might take a mlb but it won't be #7 overall

I don't see a MLBer at all. I think the challenge to Foster would be from Lane Fletcher. I think the staff really likes the guy.
agree. I don't see lovie wanting a rook to call the defense.

 on: Today at 07:23:05 PM 
Last post by GoldsonAges
I'm starting to think the best case scenario is to trade down with PITT or around there and miss out on my top guys to draft Sua Filo. That way OG has been addressed and we would have approximately:

2- 2nd round picks
2 - 3rd round picks
1- 4th round pick
1- 5, 6, 7th round picks.

That solves a lot of problems even though it is not a sexy choice. That way we would not be pigeon holed into taking a OG. It would be done with and we could go after BPA the rest of the way.

Instead of 6 overall picks we would have 9.

Instead of 3 top 100 picks we would have 5.

Just depends on which QB is on the board. If their guy is there they need to take him.

 on: Today at 07:14:08 PM 
Last post by chace1986
Clowney the only lock.
It is unlikely Watkins could slip past 5, but not impossible.
Manziel could definitely slip past 5.

I'd say the last 2 are more of a top 10 lock than top 5.

 on: Today at 07:12:08 PM 
Last post by blind melon
Apparently Mase is down to 235...  Hope that equates to faster.   Already an above average Mike.

 on: Today at 07:11:19 PM 
Last post by JDouble
I see. Statistics are relevant when they support your mancrush, and misleading propaganda when they don't.

No. They are one factor to look at when trying to figure out a prospect. If that is all you look at without watching lots of game footage to see how those stats were acquired, then you are a fool.

If the amazing stats are backed up by amazing game tape, as it undeniably is with Manziel.....then it is impressive and worth mentioning.

Are you really this stupid or just being difficult on purpose?

*Oh yeah....forgot who I was talking to for second. Of course you are being difficult on purpose. Why am I even responding to you?  ???

 on: Today at 07:10:33 PM 
Last post by Hayseed
Tarantula two, z, beryllium phosphate

 on: Today at 07:10:09 PM 
Last post by Spider 2 Y Banana
Hilarious, thank you for posting.

 on: Today at 07:07:46 PM 
Last post by blind melon
OK, that was funny

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