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Bucc fans in Tampa are idiots.

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ABuccs Fan:
Why don't you fans who have a clue call your local radio station and defend your pride, because I'm streaming and from what I'm hearing you guys sound like the dumbest sports town in America. Maybe Tim Brown was right.

what r u talkin about?

ABuccs Fan:

--- Quote from: "Hate" on March 02, 2007, 06:50:12 PM ---what r u talkin about?

--- End quote ---
I'm streaming WDAE over the internet, and the callers I'm hearing are the dumbest asses I have ever heard.

Bucs Capacitor: to elaborate?

Yes they are, it's useless to attempt and say something positive on the phone, they'll cut you off.

From what I've been able to gather on this website is most of the smart Bucs fans don't listen to Dumig or the others on WDAE.

Bucs Capacitor:
...and shouldn't it be "Bucs fans" and not "Buccs fans?"

Or have I been the one spelling it wrong the whole time? ;)

I've given up on 620. They have an anti-Gruden agenda over there. What are they saying now?

Dont listen to that station everyone who calls in just agrees with the host and dont even have thier own opinions because they are afraid that they will get yelled

I have already figured 620 out. most of all the listeners who call in are idiots just wanting to get on the radio and embarrass themselves...

Its comedy for me.. I just listen to see how many people are going to call in and think they have knowlegde. See what they dont realized is that these hst have to do the contraversy gig to get ratings and everything. Then they get these callers that really think they know whats going on. Its just funny to me...

Im trying to get into radio so i can have a real sports talk radio station. Im going to start Podcasting it close to draft time so if anyone is interested let me know and i will keep in touch...

I dont know if this is  leagal on these boards but i just want people to hear real radio thats all.. LineBacker out!!!

ABuccs Fan:

--- Quote from: cdrizzle on March 02, 2007, 06:54:59 PM ---...and shouldn't it be "Bucs fans" and not "Buccs fans?"

Or have I been the one spelling it wrong the whole time? ;)

--- End quote ---
Well new kid..... Bucs is a nickname for the Pittsburgh Pirates. I'd rather call them the Buccs seeing as how Buccaneers is not spelled Bucaneers. Just my preference ok cdribble? ;) ;)


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