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Player's union to protest the Plummer trade

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According to PFT:

"A league source tells us that the NFL Players Association is expected to file a grievance objecting to the trade that sent Broncos quarterback Jake Plummer to the Buccaneers for a conditional 2008 draft pick.

The argument is that, because Plummer actually filed retirement papers on Friday, his rights cannot be traded.

And while the NFLPA likely has a valid point, the immediate question is why do they care?  If Plummer is retired, then he's retired.

If the grievance is successful, the trade most likely would be voided, and Plummer's rights returned to the Broncos.

It's believed that the Bucs plan to trade Plummer's rights to the Raiders.  It's also believed that Plummer wants to play for the Texans.

Stay tuned."

So even if the union does prevail, the move costs the Buccaneers nothing. Sounds like Bruce made another well-calculated move.

But if they don't prevail then it costs us a conditional pick in 2008. Let's hope either Plummer has a change of heart or the NFLPA rules in favor of Plummer so we lose nothing.


ronde 20:
I didnt want him anyway so he should go booh yah

Too bad we can't make Goobers like Karen and the 620 crew reconize that this is a win win situation for the Bucs.

Wow is plummer that much of a douch

ronde 20:
pretty much

Bucs Capacitor:
Already been posted.  But is indeed interesting.  I hope the Bucs don't get screwed somehow.


--- Quote from: T on March 03, 2007, 10:40:47 PM ---Too bad we can't make Goobers like Karen and the 620 crew reconize that this is a win win situation for the Bucs.

--- End quote ---


There are too many ignorant fans who love to bash Gru and Allen for no reason, and they are going crazy over at That MB is the most ignorant and negative piece of crap I have ever seen.

Great move by Gru, Allen.

Great move by Bruce Allen.  There is no way we can lose.  If Plummer suits up, then we have a guy who can compete for the starting job.  If he never suits up, then all Plummer did was retire and it was like he was never here.  And we could always trade him to Oakland or Houston, and actually get a pick/player for him.  Wow, great move Bruce!


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