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Garcia a perfect fit in Tampa

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Here's one opinion, and it includes a bonus pic of Garcia's hot girlfriend:

He is not only the perfect QB to run this O but he is the perfect QB to teach Grads.  Both of them have the same size and arm strength.  I love this signing its just to bad it didn't happen three years ago.

His girlfrriend, in a word WOW! :o

Who is that old man with his girl? Is that Garcia's Dad?

In case you're not joking, Joe, it's Hugh Hefner. She was a Playboy Playmate.

Does anyone have the pics of that Playboy issue?

Anyway, I agree that he is the perfect fit.  And I have stated in other threads that he can teach his clone, Bruce Gradkowski, how to run this offense.

Actually, I WAS joking. But I just thought it was Garcia and the lighting was bad!
I'm an idiot. What can I say?

Glad he doesn't look THAT old.

I want a Garcia jersey and a night with his girl.


If you want to see her naked, do a Google image search on her name: Carmella DeCesare.

Samoa, that's the Dr. Evil photo.

Oh, and when you do that GIS, make sure you're prepared for your tongues and eyeballs to fall out. Fair warning.


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