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Trayvon Martin controversy

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In case you havnt been following this story, it's now becoming national and international. Basically in Sanford, Florida a neighborhood watch captain, George Zimmerman, shot and killed 17-year old Trayvon Martin in the chest. Zimmerman claims the shooting was self-defense. And the case is now re-igniting racial tensions.

Martin was walking home from a store when he was confronted by Zimmerman. Zimmerman called 911 to report a "susplcious person." Even though the dispatcher informed Zimmerman not to approach Martin, he did anyway before police arrived. The confrontation led to a struggle and eventually shooting Martin in the chest. Martin had no weapons, and only had a cell phone and a bag of skittles in his pocket. Sanford police accepted Zimmerman's claim of self defense and so far no charges have been filed. The NAACP is now involved and demanding the FBI take over the investigation. Many civil rights activists claim the police botched the investigation to protect Zimmerman.

Police claim they dont have any evidence that contradicts Zimmerman's claim of self-defense, However they say police failed to test Zimmerman's sobriety at the scene. And some claim he sounds intoxicated on the 911 recording.

I just don't understand how he isn't in jail. The 911 recordings clearly indicate Zimmerman was the one engaging Martin even when the 911 said not to. Yet Martin gets shot and its self-defense. I just don't understand how the police department seem so non-effective in this case.

Skull and Bones:
the only weapon a neighborhood watch member should have is a phone.  what the hell was he doing with a gun? I wouldnt want anyone patrolling my neighborhood with one unless they were a LEO.

Mr. Milich:
Apparently the "Stand Your Ground" law includes;

a) follow someone in your car
b) get out of your car
c) confront them
d)chase them
e) grab and shoot them to death.

What could possibly go wrong with that?

Mr. Milich:
What was Zimmerman's state of mind as he was pursuing Martin?

He's an EQ of the call, a :43 sec. clip.

It's probably NSFW.


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