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#90 : April 29, 2012, 11:51:40 PM

Ya, I haven't watched basketball since the 80's, so I wouldn't know that.    I'm not sure why a racist would want to own a basketball team.   Every player in that sport is black.

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#91 : April 30, 2012, 01:02:22 PM

Sorry, but you are wrong.  Jackson wasn't a Gruden blunder.  Period. 

Stick to publishing a visually horrible website which contains illegal screen shots and copyrighted material.  It's what you are good at. 

When you start basing your opinions on conversations from your so called "insiders", it just makes you look foolish.  (Ex.  The hate for Testaverde which makes him your 2nd worst Buc ever)

Ah welcome back from your parole hearing. I thought your mom had stopped you using her computer. Oh well.
Almost five million hits for BUCPOWER and only one retard who keeps slagging it off.   I can live with that average.
And seeing as how the Bucs publicise the site and NFL FIlms made a documentary about it, I don't think anyone has a problem with what is on it.
And as for Dexter Jackson being a Gruden pick, even spoke to a friend in the PR team about it earlier today and he just confirmed it was a 100% Gruden call.
Enough of this, back to your usual internet hobby of porn-searching.  It's what you are good at.     :-*

Parole jokes? Mom jokes?  Really??

You are 100% wrong about Dexter Jackson.  I don't care what PR team member you spoke to.  You are wrong. 

As far as your site:  I'm not sure you understand copyright laws.  But last time I checked, NFL films does not own the broadcast rights to NFL games.  And the Bucs can't by themselves sign off on your use of the screen captures that you use.  Every screen capture from a broadcast that you use is infringement.  You are breaking the law.  If I wanted to be a total **CENSORED**, I would point this out to the proper people and you could wipe your tears with a cease and desist letter.  But, honestly I don't care other than to point it out to you when you get that holier than thou, all knowing attitude. 

You always get sand in your vagina when your opinions are questioned.  You were wrong about Bo Jackson, Vinny, the Dexter Jackson situation, etc etc. etc. 

Keep running your site.  It does have loads of information.  Just know that your lists are somewhat flawed and that you aren't the only "authority" on the TAMPA BAY BUCCANEERS.

Booker Reese

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#92 : April 30, 2012, 02:01:23 PM

Re: Bo Jackson - it's either #1 or not - it's all in how you frame the question. I prefer to frame it in terms of talent evaluation, so I generally down play it. Still, in terms of all-time team blunders, it's right near the top.

Maybe this is self-serving but I think people have missed the point about Booker Reese, and why it was such a train-wreck of a pick.

1. Good teams aren't just keeping track of the current draft, but also future drafts. The 1983 was well-known to be stacked, and yet they traded a first rounder to take Reese (worth noting - the Bucs pretty much botched the entire '83 draft as well. Bubba Grimes, and Castille (somewhat) had an impact, but that was it. The '83 draft was loaded - 42 players made 142 pro bowlers, and we got a center.  And as well as Grimes played over his career, he wasn't really a starter until 1985. Steve Wilson was. So in the best draft in NFL history, in which the Bucs had 12 picks - only 3 made the roster (Grimes, Castille, and Hasson Arbubakrr - one season with Bucs, a few games with Vikes).

2. The snafu over Farrell illustrates how badly the Bucs brain-trust blew it. Keep in mind, they would have taken Booker Reese 17th overall. Then, they panicked and grabbed him in round 2 via trade. Even if you assume that he was going with the very next pick, the Bucs blew the valuation on him by more than half a round. It's hard to say for sure, but given how scouting was back then, they probably could have waited multiple rounds before grabbing him.

I'm with Java on Peebles. Just awful - an absolute reach at 33. The next WR taken went 60th - it was his college teammate Naz Worthen, another bust who was at least a decent college player. Peebles was just a glorified track guy. I've shared this story on the board before, but in '89, I used to go to training camp for nearly all the open afternoon practices at Pepin-Rood. Peebles almost never participated and after one practice, when I asked what was wrong, he said "I blew out a turbo."

This was my list from a year ago - http://www.betterthanaveragebucsblog.com/2011/03/15/1047/.

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