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what say you UF fans?  (and others of course)

im pretty excited, i do like what muschamp is doing.  its not the glitz of what has been UF football, but i like his vision.

 i was ready to give up on driskel about halfway through the game.  huge throw to hines in the 2nd half.

defense is jekyll and hyde, never know what to expect from drive to drive.

cant believe the OL isnt more of a strength, thought they would be better.

amazed at all the injuries and cramping...sure hope gilly comes back soon...he's needed.

should be a fun year...with hope on the horizon.

Looks like we have some what of an offense which is what we need to be competitive and fun to watch.  Glad to see it doing something.  Also the halftime adjustments were amazing in that it looked like a different game in the second half.   Should be and up and down year with a young QB though, maybe next year or 2 the Gators will be a top 10 team again.

Obviously the second half of the game was much, much better.  I thought Driskel looked good overall.  Obviously he needs to learn when to give up on a play, but that will hopefully come.  He stuck some balls in tight windows yesterday, with Hammond dropping a TD on 3rd down.

I think they might get drummed at Tenny next week, though.  Bray is a helluva QB.

my POV as an FSU fan

you guys seem to be coming out of the gate slowly on offense. the offense lloks out of sync until the half. you seem to get into the lockerroom and make good adjustments. driskell is a bit erratic. he took a bunch of needless sacks against TAMU and he is clearly not seeing the whole field yet. he needs to learn how to get rid of the ball if theres nothing there. when he plays calmly he can make some decent throws. the running game looks decent. gillislee looks solid as long as his groin doesnt act up. WR is still a major question. i dont know how but you guys just dont have a playmaker at WR. debose is a bum until he can prove otherwise. he shows a flash every now and again but disappears for multiple games at a time. your oline is pretty shaky.

defensively you guys have played decently. matt elam will be the strength of this defense. kid can fly around and hit. the tackles are hit and miss right now. if you guys get hit with injuroes at DT you will be in dire trouble. DE's look ok thus far. seem to be bringing pressure on opposing qbs. outside of bostic you dont have any linebackers that inspire fear. having jelani jenkins out is going to hurt. he needs to come back for your backer corps to look decent. corners look good. roberson is very good.

couple questions for you gator fans
i havent seen an official report but is josh evans a scratch for a couple games? im guessing he had a seperated shoulder judging by where he was hit. who steps in for him?
who plays linebacker now? bostic and.............?

heard evans will be back for tenn.  morrison and taylor should step in at LB i assume.


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