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Basketball season is about to begin with some big story lines.

and of course

Also Rubios return and Bynums era in Philly

Anyways, players on new teams this year:Devin Harris - Atlanta Hawks
Lou Williams - Atlanta Hawks
Aaron Brooks - Sacramento Kings
Kirk Hinrich - Chicago Bulls
Nate Robinson - Chicago Bulls
Elton Brand - Dallas Mavericks
Chris Kaman - Dallas Mavericks
Dahntay Jones - Dallas Mavericks
OJ Mayo -Dallas Mavericks
Darren Collison - Dallas Mavericks
Brandon Roy - Minnesota Timberwolves
Andrei Kirilenko - Minnesota Timberwolves
Lamar Odom - Los Angeles Clippers
Matt Barnes - Los Angeles Clippers
Jamaal Crawford - Los Angeles Clippers
Grant Hill - Los Angeles Clippers
LeAndro Barbosa - Boston Celtics
Courtney Lee - Boston Celtics
Jason Terry - Boston Celtics
Rashard Lewis - Miami Heat
Ray Allen - Miami Heat
Ramon Sessions - Charlotte Bobcats
Brandon Haywood - Charlotte Bobcats
Ben Gordon - Charlotte Bobcats
Ryan Anderson - New Orleans Hornets
Hakim Warrick - New Orleans Hornets
Andre Iguodala - Denver Nuggets
Arron Afflalo - Orlando Magic
Gustavo Ayon - Orlando Magic
Al Harrington - Orlando Magic
Chris Duhon - Los Angeles Lakers
Antawn Jamison - Los Angeles Lakers
Steve Nash - Los Angeles Lakers
Dwight Howard - Los Angeles Lakers
Jodie Meeks - Los Angeles Lakers
Earl Clark - Los Angeles Lakers
Ronnie Brewer - New York Knicks
Jason Kidd - New York Knicks
Marcus Camby - New York Knicks
CJ Watson - Brooklyn Nets
Andrey Blatche - Brooklyn Nets
Joe Johnson - Brooklyn Nets
Josh Childress - Brooklyn Nets
Nick Young - Philadelphia 76ers
Jason Richardson - Philadelphia 76ers
Andrew Bynum - Philadelphia 76ers
Randy Foye - Utah Jazz
Mo Williams - Utah Jazz
Michael Beasley - Phoenix Suns

Go Lakers... That is all

The Anti-Java:

--- Quote from: youngone on October 23, 2012, 11:27:45 PM ---Go Lakers... That is all

--- End quote ---

Crown them.....that is all.

Go Underdogs.  any of them.  about 28 to choose from.

The Anti-Java:
Hardin traded last night for a couple players and a couple draft picks.


--- Quote from: The Anti-Java on October 28, 2012, 02:37:04 AM ---Hardin traded last night for a couple players and a couple draft picks.

--- End quote ---
When I read this I was surprised lol. 

Anyways the player traded:
Rockets receive:
James Harden
Cole Aldrich
Lazar Hayward
Daequan Cook

Thunder receive:
Kevin Martin
Jeremy Lamb
Dallas and Toronto's 2013 first round picks
Bobcats 2013 second round pick

Season open tonight!

Side note: Nuggets re-sign Ty Lawson.

Barring injury I got lakers against the heat/Boston in the finals.. Early prediction.


--- Quote from: GameTime on October 23, 2012, 11:41:56 PM ---Go Underdogs.  any of them.  about 28 to choose from.

--- End quote ---



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