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Please help. want to buy two tickets for my cousin in tampa

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I used to see over live stream last year, but the quality was very poor. This year i have the nfl gamepass. It is expensive but the quality is very good. So i can watch the games when ever i want.
Yes. football is more exciting for me than soccer. The gameday is a very special day for. i wear my #5 jersey all day, and can watch in my own room on tv.
hey morgan, now i have seen that Schalke lost in Leverkusen. Grrr, they are not able to take their chances. Bayern is leading the championship, left two points on the road today, but every other team in the hunt lost their game.

just so happens that I'm watching Nuremburg v. FC Bayern in the Nuremberg Stadion, a place that I've gone to see many Bundesliga games a couple of years ago (2006-9).   

bet they tie 1-1


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