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#45 : December 15, 2012, 02:42:14 AM

If you're not a dues paying member, you don't get to vote on issues like how much will be deducted from your check for the pension fund.

True, but you can take solice in that 2% raise and the extra week worth of vacation days they got for you. I suppose the argument is that you should get that for free? Kinda like...I don't know...a moocher?

Contradiction?  I thought you liked moochers?  ;)

I'm sure you'll just say, you're just putting it like the conservatives put it when they're talking about the 48% but uh... I'm getting the idea that you aren't a big fan of someone mooching off the union.  Even to the point that you don't have a problem denying a job to anyone who doesn't want to join a political organization with an agenda that many people find distasteful.   

Who's being denied a job? You either choose to work there, or you choose not to. No "denying" is taking place. Aren't you right wingers big on choice? You don't want to work for a union, work for a place that isn't unionized. There are plenty to choose from.

At least stop hating and be consistent.  Can't only have a big heart for those collecting public assistance.  Fiscal conservatives are people too.  ;D

If you don't see a distinction there then you are either a moron, a jackass, or both.

Oh grow a sense of humor.  Mostly I was just trying to point out your obvious bias.  I mean that in the sense that you have your own ideas about what you think is right.... as we all do. 

The fact is Michigan is now just like Florida.  The unions will be emasculated and have to stand on their own merits.  Just like in the real world.  They don't have to be marginalized.  They can still be important but they need to be streamlined and efficient.  They can't be gluttonous money gobblers as they have been, putting their own versions of bigshots in political power positions because of a monopoly.  Unions should exist even though the world has changed much since the robber barrons of the late 19th century but thats exactly why right to work states need to be the norm not the exception in these times.  Unions should have the right to organize without the fear of losing jobs but forcing people to be in a union is anti freedom and not nessessary in this day and age.  I'm all for Unions in the sense that people can choose to associate with them if employers mistreat employees in anything close to the ways they did in the days when Unions were originally formed in this country.  People should always have freedom of association and that includes freedom of association in workers negotiations.  Those rights should be protected in my mind and that is despite my libertarian leanings.  I'm always going to be for the right of people to associate with who they choose and I would go so far as to still expect that right of association to be ensured by our government despite my mistrust of most centralized power.  Some things should be ensured.  Freedom of association is one of those things.  If you choose to be in a union you should be.  Those unions should be protected in some manner to ensure that employers are not allowed to discriminate against those who choose to associate with those unions.  We have laws.  The world is not ending. 
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