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Bama vs Notre Dame

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Anybody plan to watch?

I think it'll be pretty one-sided for the Tide.

If GreatBlueNorthDraft's proscouting of the talent on the teams is any indication,

Tonight's national championship game will also be a bonanza for pro scouts as there will a passel of top prospects for the 2013 draft in uniform. Indeed, Alabama looks like it could be one of the dominant teams at the upcoming draft with as many as a half dozen first-round prospects. For the Tide, it starts up front on offense where veteran OG Chance Warmack (#65, 6-3, 320), one of fastest risers in the 2013 draft class, has emerged as a legitimate top 10 prospect, while C Barrett Jones (#75, 6-5, 305) and massive junior RT D.J. Fluker (#76, 6-5, 335) are later opening round candidates. Incredibly, though, in the end, the Tide's best OL prospect may be sophomore LT Cyrus Kouandijo (#71, 6-5, 325) who could be a top 10 prospect in 2014. Mor incredibly, Alabama is actually even stronger on defense where junior CB Dee Milliner (#28, 6-0, 200), the top cover corner in this year's draft, and rugged NT Jesse Williams (#54, 6-3, 320), another Tide player on the rise, are both mid-first round prosepcts. So would junior MLB C.J. Mosley (#32, 6-2, 235), but he has alraedy indicated he will be returning to school next fall. Same story for steady junior QB A.J. McCarron (#10, 6-3, 210) who will also be back in Tuscallosa next year. Meanwhile, junior RB Eddie Lacey (#42, 5-11, 220), FS Robert Lester (#37, 6-1, 210), TE Michael Williams (#89, 6-5, 270) and LB Nico Johnson (#35, 6-2, 245) are middle round prospects, while DEs Damion Square (#92, 6-2, 290) and Quinton Dial (#90, 6-5, 305) are solid 5-tech 3-4 DEs. For good measure, Alabama also has one of college football's most consistent kickers in veteran PK Jeremy Shelley (#90, 5-10, 165) is one of the most consistent kickers around. And just for fun - and future reference - freshman RB T.J. Yeldon (#4, 6-1, 215) is one of the most dynamic runners in the country, but won't be draft-eligible until 2015.

For its part, Notre Dame isn't quite as quite as talented as Alabama, however, the Irish's draft prospects are definitely on the rise. Indeed, after having a couple of players selected in last year's opening round for the first time in almost two decades, Notre Dame has another top prospect in MLB Manti Te'o (#5, 6-1, 255), the NCAA defensive player of the year who finished second in the Heisman Trophy balloting. In fact, if Te'o impresses during off-season workouts, he has a chance to be the first Notre Dame player selected with a top 10 pick since 1994. Te'o could be joined in this year's opening round by junior TE Tyler Eifert (#80, 6-5, 255) who is considered to be the top prospect at the position for the upcoming draft, while a trio of other juniors including LT Zach Martin (#70, 6-4, 305), RB Cierre Wood (#20, 5-11, 215) and DT Louis Nix (#9, 6-2, 330) have second day talent if they opt to enter this year’s draft. At the same time, veteran C Braxston Cave (#52, 6-2, 305), DE Kapron Lewis-Moore (#89, 6-3, 305), safeties Jamoris Slaughter (#26, 5-11, 200) and Zeke Motta (#17, 6-1, 215), and WR/RB Theo Rid**CENSORED** (#6, 5-10,200) have later round or free agent potential.

then Alabama wins.  I for one don't care except to watch Dee Milliner.

10 QB A.J. McCarron*
42 RB Eddie Lacy*
83 WR Kevin Norwood*
89 TE Michael Williams
76 OT D.J. Fluker*
65 OG Chance Warmack
75 OG Barrett Jones
90 DE Quinton Dial
92 DE Damion Square
54 NT Jessie Williams
32 LB C.J. Mosley*
35 LB Nico Johnson
28 CB Dee Milliner*
37 S Robert Lester
61 OG anthony steen*

Notre Dame
6 RB Theo Rid**CENSORED**
20 RB Cierre Wood
80 TE Tyler Eifert
70 OT Zack Martin
52 C Braxston Cave
89 DE Kapron Lewis-Moore
9 NT Louis Nix*
5 LB Manti Te'o
2 CB Bennett Jackson*
17 S Zeke Motta

*= Juniors

thanks for all the information -
will keep an eye on TE Tyler Eifert for sure

Feel like ND doesn't have the offense to actually score on Bama.

10-pt betting spread from what I heard today

id expect atlanta to target eifert to replace tony gonzalez. they should finish in the late 20s of the draft which is about where eifert is slotted to go

keep an eye on amari cooper WR for bama. kid is gonna be a 1st rounder in 2 years

that being said i hope the mayans were right and a meteor hits that stadium and takes out both fanbases. screw the irish and the tide

That ref sure had a big smile when calling that penalty on Notre Dame.

um, where is ND's defense?

The Anti-Java:
This could get ugly.


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