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: January 21, 2013, 03:19:30 AM

NFL Free Agency: Top Ten Players Who Should Be Franchised

By Seth Carson

January 14, 2013 11:16 pm

The fun of the offseason is upon us, and aside from draft day speculations, there is another gem that us fans cant help but discuss...  franchise tags.  I took some time out today to look for some obvious and names, and tried to throw in some curve balls too.  In the NFL, the difference maker in a season can come down to whether or not a team franchises that one player they cant re-sign to a long term deal.  The franchise tag is a nifty little advantage owners take to keep their teams competitive for the upcoming season.  Here are the top ten players I feel should be franchised this offseason.

QB Joe Flacco  
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Joe Flacco put on a great show in leading the Baltimore Ravens to a win over the Denver Broncos, advancing the Ravens to the AFC Championship. He is set to become a free agent and should be tagged if they cant come to terms on a new deal.

WR Greg Jennings
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Aaron Rodgers will have a very difficult time next season, if his primary target down field is not retained by the Packers front office. Jennings is not the caliber player you just let walk for nothing in return. The Packers have options but losing Jennings is unacceptable

OT Jake Long
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The Dolphins lack any heavy hitters at the corners if they let Jake Long walk. He has been slowed by injuries and has missed six games over the past two seasons. Unless they want Tannehill eating turf and grass, they had better place a tag to keep Long around for one more season.

DE Cliff Avril
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Yes, Avril has a very demanding 12.5 million tag, but can the Lions just let 9.5 sacks walk? The entire flow of the defense centers around Avril's ability to quickly disrupt the passing lanes by pressuring opposing QBs. Also, he is solid at getting around the tackles to stuff the running lanes.

Brian Urlacher
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Urlacher is up there in years, but also remains one of the toughest and hardest hitting linebackers the game has ever seen. The Bears are entering a new coaching regime, which makes older vets expendable, but none of those players are named Brian Urlacher. I look for Chicago to slap him with a tag and give him one more year in the windy city.

LB Rey Maualuga
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Cincinnati will have its hands full keeping its successful defense in tact this off-season, with DE Johnson also hitting the market. Johnson is a no-brainier, but the move could leave Maualuga being tagged. He will have to earn his next contract with a solid 2013 season

S Dashon Gholston
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Gholston has become one of the more prolific names in the 49ers clubhouse. Not only that, but he's considered buy some one of the top safeties in the game today. The success of the 49ers defense resides on them retaining Gholston, who will most likely be tagged.

S Jairus Byrd
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Byrd, like Gholston, has established himself as one of the best in the game at his position. The Bills will find themselves hard pressed to re-sign Byrd to the high ended contract he will demand, and losing him is not an option in Buffalo. No doubt the Bills should tag him for next season.

S William Moore
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The Falcons already have a big concern on their hands, in whether or not Tony Gonzalez will retire, or re-sign for another year. Regardless, the Falcons will be hard pressed to offer Moore a deal to this liking, but they wont allow him to simply walk away

RB Shonn Green
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Here's my "Curvy Special" for the upcoming season. The Jets roster is a complete mess right now led by, or a lack there of, Mark Sanchez' on and off again play. The Jets don't have much room to maneuver with, but so long as they have two QBs battling for which one will start, they can't ill afford to let go of the one scoring option they can rely on.



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#1 : January 21, 2013, 03:20:29 AM

No Bucs?


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#2 : January 21, 2013, 05:10:37 AM

Whoever wrote this list is retarded. Rey Maualuga was terrible this year and was exposed in the playoffs by the Texans. Shonn Green a franchise player HAHAHA. Flacco and Byrd on the only franchise candidates on this list.



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#3 : January 21, 2013, 06:31:52 AM

This person knows nothing of football and should be fired immediately
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