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I have my season tickets for sale for the upcoming season. Section 149, row F, seats 12 and 13. They are in the north endzone 7 rows from the sideline. Easy access to restrooms, concessions, and smoking area. prices have dropped this year so all 9 games(2 preseason and im keeping the dolphins game) are only $1350. You also get discounts on all merchandise and concessions.

I am selling these due to the fact I will be moving out of state and will only likely be able to make it to a game or two a year now. I sit by excellent fans who know the game and the Bucs well. No obnoxious morons! lol

Im discounting these for less than face value at $1200. Bucs said tickets are at the printer and will be out in the next few weeks. I can currently transfer the tickets.

regular season home game opponents: Eagles, 49ers, Bills, Cardinals, Saints, Falcons, and Panthers.

Thanks everyone.

Are these discounted? Seats in that area typically retail at $75.

Nah season tix for that section run at $750/seat, so he is charging face value. They seem like good seats though but if you ever want season tix in the future, remember, the earlier you act the better. I renewed just as the 2012 season started and qualified for the 12-month payment plan. I sit in a similar section and it only cost me about $60/month per seat for all ten games.


--- Quote from: Morgan on March 06, 2013, 07:58:59 AM ---if you think about it, those tickets are at bargain prices compared to teams from other cities - I golf with a Bears fan who pays 2-3x more for his season tickets for similar seats plus PSL fees on top of that

--- End quote ---

Ticket prices are fine now.   In 2008, they were a rip off.   The Glazers took advantage of the Bucs being successful under Gruden and were raping the fans on ticket prices.    Now that the team is an utter failure, they had to decrease prices.   The problem is that nobody wants to go to the games anymore given the current product.   

All about market value....

Good luck Tatmanfish!


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