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#30 : March 26, 2013, 12:14:26 AM

going to give this a shot with an OBJECTIVE point of view as well as adding some potential targets that i think could be brought in as a FA, as a high pick, as a mid-round pick, as a late-round pick or as an UDFA, depending on the need

red = gone
blue = on the bubble

QB: Josh Freeman, Dan Orvlosky, Adam Weber
i still believe someone will be brought in to push #5 although at this point there are few options on the FA market. however, one that stands out as being capable enough to fill in IMO would be jason campbell. if the team decides to not go the vet route i would not be surprised if they pull the trigger on a QB in the draft if they feel like its worth it. tyler bray (who doesnt seem like a schiano-type player) or landry jones (definitely does even though hes a choke), matt scott, or even jordan rogers could all be options
FA - jason campbell
mid - tyler bray (tennessee), matt scott (arizona)
late/UDFA - landry jones (oklahoma), jordan rogers (vanderbilt)
UDFA - seth doege (texas tech)

RB: Doug Martin, DJ Ware, Michael Smith, LaGerrette Blount
i'm pretty sure LGB is going to be involved in any potential revis deal. if thats the case then i believe we'll see a couple RBs brought in as either a late round selection or UDFA's as the team has more pressing needs to address with their draft picks. there is also plenty of time to bring in a FA as well. i wouldn't count out michael smith either, as their willingness to deal blount could be an indication of their plans for smith, IMO
FA - javon ringer, deji karim, larod stephens-howling
mid - christine michael (texas A&M), stephfan taylor (stanford)
late - zac stacy (vanderbilt), dennis johnson (arkansas), rex burkhead (nebraska)
UDFA - robbie rouse (fresno state)

FB: Erik Lorig
someone will probably be brought in for the sake of competition, but lorig has continued to improve at the fullback position and will hold onto the starting gig

TE: Luke Stocker, Tom Crabtree, Danny Noble, Nate Byham, Zach Miller
still haven't lost hope for stocker yet like some have. it seems like he's always just a bit short in everything...hopefully he can seize the opportunity. crabtree might surprise as an under-the-radar signing. i still think a mid-round draft pick will be spent on the position, especially with the deep class of TE's. if they can get someone like travis kelce or nick kasa (both of which are adept blockers) in the 4th it would be an excellent pick IMO. they seem to be high on danny noble as well, but if a rookie is brought in then smell ya later bro
high - zach ertz (stanford), gavin escobar (SDSU), vance mcdonald (rice)
mid - travis kelce (cincinnati), nick kasa (colorado)

WR: Vincent Jackson, Mike Williams, Tiquan Underwood, Kevin Olgetree, David Douglas
ideally some more competition will be brought in not named ogeltree. nor do i think he has the slot on lock. if they come out of left field and take austin in the first the trio of vjax/mwill/austin would be dynamic, which is why i could live with the pick. realistically i think a mid-to-late round pick could be spent on a WR and some UDFA's will definitely be brought in
FA - kevin walter
high - tavon austin (west virginia)
mid - stedman bailey (west virginia), ryan swope (texas A&M)
late - connor vernon (duke), josh boyce (TCU)
UDFA - t.j. moe (missouri), jasper collins (mount union)

OT: Donald Penn, Demar Dotson, Jamon Meredith
IMO the only way penn and dotson arent the starters is if an OT is taken @13. its a possibility, but at this point i don't think it will happen (although i wouldn't mind if it did). merideth showed why he is decent depth at both guard and tackle until he got hurt...which is why i think an OT will be taken at some point in the draft or brought in as an UDFA to fill out the depth
high - lane johnson (oklahoma), manelik watson (FSU), kyle long (oregon)
mid - david quessenberry (san jose state)
late - rick wagner (wisconsin), luke marquardt (azusa pacific)
UDFA - vinston painter (virginia tech), emmett cleary (boston college)

OG: Davin Joseph, Carl Nicks, Desmond Wynn, Roger Allen
along with WR, LB and S, the interior is a strong point of the team. unless someone gets injured i don't see anyone brought in other than the usual camp fodder which is why i put wynn and allen on the bubble...just in case someone comes and takes a spot. allen may have some potential though

OC: Jeremy Zuttah, Ted Larsen, Cody Wallace
if zuttah wasnt signed to a starter's salary i wouldn't be against taking someone like barrett jones and watching the interior of the line eat people, however zut does and adequate job and is relatively secure as the starter. larsen is ok depth as well

DE: Da'Quan Bowers, Adrian Clayborn, Daniel Te'o Nesheim, Markus White
outside of freeny, osi and abraham there isnt much on the FA market in terms of DE's. nor does it seem like any of them will be brought in. there is little doubt that at least one pass rusher will be brought in through the draft. it could very easily be a high pick if someone falls out of the top-10, however their apparent confidence in bowers suggests that it could be a mid-to-late round pick that gets invested in the position.
high - ezekiel ansah (BYU), bjoern werner (FSU), cornelius carradine (FSU), margus hunt (SMU)
mid - devin taylor (south carolina), david bass (missouri western state)
late - michael buchanan (illinois), quanterus smith (western kentucky)
UDFA - mike catapano (princeton), dan giordano (cincinnati),

DT: Gerald McCoy, Gary Gibson, Corvey Irvin, Richard Clebert, Matt Masifilo
can you say "wafer thin"...because that's what the depth at the DT position is. going into the season with gibson the starter at NT isnt the end of the world IMO, but he is obviously better suited for a rotational role. like DE its clear that the position will be addressed at some point in the draft. there is still plenty of time to bring in a vet as well. i'm confident that the group as it stands today wont be the same as the one that starts the season.
FA - alan branch, sedrick ellis, sen'derrick marks
high - star lotuleilei (utah), sheldon richardson (missouri)
mid - akeem spence (illinois), brandon williams (missouri southern state)
late - josh boyd (mississippi state), cory grissom (south florida), mike purcell (wyoming)
UDFA - scott vallone (rutgers), william campbell (michigan)

LB: Lavonte David, Mason Foster, Adam Heyward, Dekoda Watson, Jonathan Casillas, Najee Goode, Jacob Cutrera, Joe Holland
another potential strength of the team. i don't mind the casillas signing at all because there was a decent chance that they were prepared to roll with hayward or watson as the starter to replace black anyway. at the very least casillas will provide competition and depth should watson or hayward beat him out. its doubtful that a high or even mid round pick is spent on a LB, but they may be inclined to use a late-round selection if there is a player they like, but more than likely some UDFA's will be brought in
mid: keith pough (howard), etienne sabino (ohio state)
late: michael clay (oregon), john lotuleilei (UNLV)
UDFA: philip steward (houston), nathan williams (ohio state)

CB: Eric Wright, Leonard Johnson, Danny Gorrer, Anthony Gaitor, Keith Tandy, James Rogers
unequivocally the worst group on the roster, and like DT there is absolutely no way the CB's as they stand today will be the same group that starts the season. at this point i cant take the team's disinterest and lack of activity in the FA market as anything other than a sign that a trade for revis is a matter of when, not if. would i have liked to see them bring a few in? sure. will i be equally happy with revis + a rookie? absolutely. in fact there will probably be more than one rookie, which is ok in my books because this CB class is deep...alot of solid talent to be had from round 1-6, and there's still enough time between now and the start of training camp to bring a couple FA's in as well (whoever is left that is...) i left wright on the bubble because there is the slight chance that he restructures. if thats the case he's going to have to compete for the #2 spot...in fact, LJ will probably give him a run for the nickel as well (and i hope johnson beats him out)
FA: antoine winfield, kelvin hayden, quentin jammer
high: desmond trufant (washington), xavier rhodes (FSU), johnthan banks (mississippi state), jordan poyer (oregon state), robert alford (southeastern louisiana), logan ryan (rutgers), blidi wreh-wilson (uconn), B.W. webb (william & mary)
mid: leon mcfadden (SDSU), will davis (utah state), terry hawthorne (illinois), tharold simon (LSU), nickell robey (USC)
late: josh johnson (purdue), steve williams (california), nigel malone (kansas state), adrian bushell (louisville), kahlid wooten (nevada)
UDFA: demontre hurst (oklahoma), rod sweeting (LSU), greg reid (valdosta state)

S: Mark Barron, Dashon Goldson, Ahmad Black, Cody Grimm, Sean Baker, Nick Saenz
with the addition of goldson the safety position is another strength of the team. its also safe to say that you can cross it off the list of positions to be addressed through the draft. the combo of barron and goldson is physically imposing and ahmad black is a capable 3rd safety. cody grimm will fight to make the roster again, as baker showed flashes last preseason.
K: Connor Barth
P: Michael Koenen, Chas Henry
LS: A. Economos
: March 26, 2013, 12:23:32 AM big_JLB


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#31 : March 27, 2013, 03:21:04 PM

Interesting take.

QB: I have seen no indication the Bucs want to sign a vet QB but I can see them drafting a QB.
RB: I think Michael Smith is more of a bubble player than any at this positon.  He simply doesn't excell at anything frankly and he takes too long to accelerate at his "top speed".
FB: Lorig I think has the spot locked down for now
TE: Other than Stocker and Crabtree the rest are no bodies at this spot.  Needs to be addressed.
WR: I hope the Bucs don't use a first round pick for a slot guy as that is a big, colossal mistake.  Slot guys are overrated and some teams are overpaying them while the Vikings/Patriots have chosen to go a more traditional route where slot guys aren't paid big bucks and other areas of the team are addressed.
OT: Most likely if the Bucs were to draft an OL it would be an OT because the value tends to be better midway through the draft while OG and OC tend to be always bountfiful as UDFA's.
OG: I can't see the Bucs drafting an OG given they have Meredith and Larsen on the roster.
OC: I think the Bucs will bring in some very good UDFA centers to compete with Cody Wallace.
DE: Only way to obtain a credible third DE is through the draft or if they choose FA but it seems unlikely
DT: There is no way around it as they have to draft a young DT because FA will not be enough.
LB: I don't like the Casillas signing as he is strictly a WILL and the Bucs are overloaded with those types on the roster.  Also, I don't have a high opinion of Najee Goode and not only is SAM wide open but the Bucs lack good backup at mike.
CB: I think Dom does his famous, or infamous, double dip in the draft by drafting two CB's very high.
S: If Grimm has peaked I like Sean Baker over him, but if Grimm can return to form I think Baker will have a hard time beating him out.
: March 27, 2013, 03:23:09 PM alldaway
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