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: March 26, 2013, 12:27:12 AM

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Q&A

 By TBO.COM | Staff

Published:  March 26, 2013 - 12:00 AM

Bucs going after Porter?

Q: I know the Bucs are going after Revis and I like the aggressiveness but I think Grimes paired with Tracy Porter would be a nice combo also. How do you feel about that?
Bryan, Houston
A: I'd be a little leery about Grimes, based on some of the information I'm hearing about him. He may not be up to Greg Schiano's standards as a Buccaneer Man. He's also coming off a serios injury and his best asset is his athleticism and leaping ability.
-- Ira Kaufman

Q: Is there a possibility of moving LeGarrette Blount to fullback?
-- Miguel Gonzalez, Gualala, CA
A: Blount doesn't fit what the Bucs are looking for at the fullback position, primarily a blocker who can catch the occasional pass. Greg Schiano says Blount's strength is as a runner, but Buc fullbacks rarely carry the ball. I can't see the Bucs moving Blount to fullback at this point.
-- Ira Kaufman

Q: Why haven't the Bucs looked into getting a defensive end in free agency like Freeney or Dumervil? The Bucs cannot afford to let rookies start at those positions.
Alex, Bradenton
A: The departure of Michael Bennett has left the Bucs a little thin at DE. At this point, it looks like they will address their DL needs in the draft. Edge rushers like Dwight Freeney and John Abraham have been out there in free agency for quite a while. They are both nearing the end of their NFL careers and the Bucs are reluctant to add older players.
- Ira Kaufman

Q: Is there a reason why the Bucs have not inquired about Brent Grimes? To me he seems like a good fit that would not break the bank. Also, with all of the good cornerbacks in free agency why haven't they addressed their needs yet?
-- Jason Phillips, Isanti, MN
A: Tampa Bay's pursuit of upgrades at the corner are linked in many ways to the resolution of the Darrelle Revis situation. They are looking at Grimes, but he is coming off a serious injury that could impact his best asset - his athleticism. Until the Bucs know whether Revis is theirs, they're not going to be ultra-aggressive in signing free agent cornerbacks. This process could take awhile.
- Ira Kaufman

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#1 : March 26, 2013, 01:21:47 AM

If they can't trade Blount, I would guess he gets released later on.  That is,  if none of the money is guaranteed in that deal he just signed.

I have never been a Grimes fan.

And I think they draft at least one DL guy in the draft, maybe 2.

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