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Anthony Davis has no love lost for Greg Schiano

By Sander Philipse

on Apr 5 2013, 5:38p


San Francisco 49ers offensive tackle Anthony Davis got a new contract today worth $37.3 million over five years, with $17 million in guaranteed money. That's pretty good money for a right tackle, even if he was a first-round pick in 2010. But that's not why this article is on this site. This article's here because of this:

Will Brinson @WillBrinson

Sick burn. RT @AnthonyDavis76: You will be a 1 contract and done kinda guy in the NFL. - Greg Schiano. lol

8:38 PM - 05 Apr 13

I'm not embedding the original tweet solely because that one has disappeared from the internet. I saw it, though. It was real. Davis just thought better of it and deleted it.

And then there's this tweet, from 17 days ago. As of this writing, it's still in existence.

Bam Davis        ✔ @AnthonyDavis76

I'll never let a muh**CENSORED**a break me. Ask Schiano.

3:07 AM - 19 Mar 13

Obviously Davis and Schiano clashed heads some at Rutgers. There were rumors of Davis having problems motivating himself and studying the game, and he was a first-rounder based mostly on physical talent. He's worked out for the 49ers and has turned himself into a good player, but Schiano certainly wasn't the only one to harbor concerns that Davis would turn out to be a bust.

This teaches us two things. One, character concerns are valid -- but college players are still young and can change their habits. Two: Schiano isn't the right coach for some players. That's nothing new, of course, but it's good to keep in mind. Being a Buccaneer man may be more about being able to handle Schiano's demands than fitting Schiano's criteria.

Not really news. There Are plenty of people that don't like Greg Schiano


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