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RJS wasn't ADA Compliant?


We had seats in the WC row upstairs in the 300 level...we were just notified by our ticket rep that RJS is doing away with the WC row for season tickets holders unless they are wheel chair bound. 

He said something about them not being ADA compliant in the does that happen after all these years?

Now...we are hunting for new seats...but, they come with a price increase  >:( Of course, we have to pay the difference... >:(

That seems like something that you could play hardball with.  Not to sit in the WC seats, but to get comparable seats for the same price. 

I never understood how season ticket holders who were not officially handicapped got those seats. I had a friend who had those seats for the past few years, and when I asked how he got them, he said all he had to do was ask. He is healthy, just liked the seats. Couldn't blame him, they were a great view, and you never had to get up to let others out of your row.

Last year, I took my friend who is in a wheelchair to a game, and the process of getting us seats was ridiculous. We missed the 1st quarter while we waited for a ticket rep, then had to wait even longer while the ticket rep walked out to the seats to see if there was an empty wheelchair space next to the few tickets she had. I asked about the swapping process ahead of time, but the Bucs said this was all they could do.

My brother tore his ACL last year and i asked about getting WC seats, wasnt a lot of selection but they gave them to me without checking anything. No doctors note, handicap placard, nothing. They went on to comment that it was rare for anyone to voluntarily give them back either.

We didnt care for them and moved back to regular seats but sounds like they have been on the "honor system"


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