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« : May 05, 2013, 12:01:13 AM »

2013 NFL Season Predictions: Standings after Week Four

By Eric Schmidt

With the major portion of the NFL Free Agency period over, the 2013 NFL Draft in the books and the regular season schedule released, it’s never too early to start making a few predictions for the upcoming season which starts in 127 days. Each month leading up the start of the regular season, I’m going to be making my regular season predictions, broken down by each quarter of the season, this installment is for the first quarter of the regular season.
Yes, there are a lot of questions surrounding multiple teams and various story lines will be broken down over the next three months as injuries occur, rookies replace veterans and unexpected positional replacements happen. But, for the sake of entertainment, at this point in the season while using what we know right now, I’ll take a stab at how I see the 2013 NFL regular season shaping up.
AFC East-
New England Patriots- 3-1
Miami Dolphins- 1-3
New York Jets- 1-3
Buffalo Bills- 1-3
The Patriots fall just short of finishing the first quarter a perfect 4-0 after losing in Atlanta to the Falcons. Miami has a tough luck of the draw with three of their first four on the road. Kevin Kolb struggles for the Bills and the calls for rookie QB E.J. Manuel begin. The Jets decide to roll out the season with rookie Geno Smith under center and there is a big learning curve.
AFC North-
Baltimore Ravens- 3-1
Cincinnati Bengals 3-1
Pittsburgh Steelers 2-2
Cleveland Browns 0-4
Baltimore opens the season with a tough draw against Denver, then exact some revenge for the Texans 43-13 smackdown in 2012 at home. The Bengals could easily start the season 4-0 but Aaron Rodgers and the Packers halt that idea. This is a Steelers team in transition, there will be growing pains early. In Cleveland, improvements were made to the defense in the offseason, but a 29-year old second-year quarterback playing under another new offensive system will struggle.
AFC West-
Denver Broncos- 4-0
Kansas City Chiefs- 2-2
San Diego Chargers- 1-3
Oakland Raiders 1-3
The Broncos roll through the first quarter of the regular season after playing three of the first four at home. The Chiefs show signs of improvement but don’t expect miracles in the first quarter of the season. Chargers RB Ryan Mathews continues to illustrate he is a complete bust. Quarterback issues continue for the Raiders.
AFC South-
Houston Texans- 3-1
Indianapolis Colts- 3-1
Tennessee Titans- 1-3
Jacksonville Jaguars- 0-4
The Texans defeat a tough Seahawks team at home in a close game to move to 3-1. Andrew Luck has early success passing the football against three of the Colts’ first four opponents. Despite upgrading the offensive line, the Titans struggle under Jake Locker. The Jaguars had a solid draft under the new coaching staff, but still lack the pieces to win close games.
NFC East-
Washington Redskins- 3-1
Dallas Cowboys- 2-2
New York Giants- 2-2
Philadelphia Eagles- 1-3
RG III illustrates that his knee is healed, (for now), early in the season. After beating the Giants opening week, Dallas runs into a very improved, tough defensive team in St. Louis. The Giants start the season 0-2, but bounce back. Slow starts don’t seem to bother this team. The Eagles are going to struggle early on with a new offensive scheme.
NFC South-
Atlanta Falcons- 4-0
Tampa Bay Buccaneers- 3-1
New Orleans Saints- 2-2
Carolina Panthers- 1-2
Atlanta, always a great regular season team, could start the season with 8-9 straight wins. The Buccaneers get a healthy Darrelle Revis back and record their first ever franchise win in New York opening week. The Saints defense struggles after the conversion to the 3-4 scheme. The Panthers get a Week Four bye and Ron Rivera is really starting to feel the hot seat.
NFC North-
Minnesota Vikings- 3-1
Green Bay Packers 2-1
Detroit Lions- 2-2
Chicago Bears 1-3
The Vikings get off to a fast start while rookie WR Cordarrelle Patterson makes a bid for offensive rookie of the year. The Packers get a fourth week bye after a brutal start to the schedule facing three playoff teams from last season. Detroit’s defensive issues continue, and Jim Schwartz’s seat heats up. The Bears are struggling a bit under rookie NFL head coach Marc Trestman.
NFC West-
San Francisco 49ers- 3-1
Seattle Seahawks- 3-1
St. Louis Rams- 2-2
Arizona Cardinals- 0-4
The reigning NFC Champions drop a game in the first quarter to the Rams. The Seahawks lose a very close game on the road to the Houston Texans. The Rams are standing strong, and the team with a very strong divisional record in the West last year will be in the mix as the season progresses. Offensive line and running game issues continue for the Cardinals, a team that starts the season with three of four on the road.


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« #1 : May 05, 2013, 01:10:36 AM »

3-1 ?   

I will take it.   He must be figuring a loss to the Patriots in there.  But who knows, Bucs could surprise them early in the season.


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« #2 : May 05, 2013, 11:09:19 AM »

Win three of four each quarter of the year and thatś twelve wins four losses. Nice

                \'Every day above ground is a good day\'

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« #3 : May 05, 2013, 11:17:25 AM »

Going through the games I predict they pretty much stay at the .500 level throughout the season.  Pretty much win one lose one.  Could be wrong.  Have been many times before but I see this team as anywhere from a 8 win to 10 win team.  12 wins is a pipe dream IMO.

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« #4 : May 05, 2013, 11:43:50 AM »

I have had this sneaking intuition that we will steel one from the Patriots in Foxboro in the regular season.  :)
No way Atlanta beats them...

Who knew how good it would feel as a fan when we now know what it\'s like for our team to have a direction, an attitude, and dare I say an offense?.  

Good time to be a Bucs fan.
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