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NFC South going 'light' at left tackle.....except for the Bucs.

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NFC South going 'light' at left tackle

 May, 10, 2013

By Pat Yasinskas |

When it comes to left tackles, the NFC South is taking things lightly.

Itís likely three of the divisionís four teams will start some of the lightest left tackles in the league. The New Orleans Saints are still determining who will start at left tackle, but the winner of that competition will join Carolinaís Jordan Gross (305 pounds) and Atlantaís Sam Baker (301 pounds) among the leagueís lightest left tackles.
The Saints list Charles Brown at 297 pounds, rookie Terron Armstead at 306 and Jason Smith at 310. Outside of Gross and Baker, the league's only other projected starters at left tackle that are listed at less than 310 pounds are Indianapolisí Anthony Castonzo (305), Dallasí Tyron Smith (308) and Minnesotaís Matt Kalil (308).
Itís not a bad thing the NFC South is going light at left tackle. The Saints, Panthers and Falcons all throw the ball a lot and they want left tackles that are quick enough to match up with speed rushers.
The one NFC South exception to this trend is Tampa Bay, where Donald Penn is listed at 340 pounds. Pennís weight sometimes has escalated in the past, but a team official recently told me that Penn showed up for the offseason program in the best shape of his career.

Hopefully Clayborn can bullrush these undersized tackles and collapse pockets. Im also growing very tired of Penns weight issues

Biff Barker:

--- Quote from: nybuccguy on May 12, 2013, 01:12:00 AM ---Hopefully Clayborn can bullrush these undersized tackles and collapse pockets. Im also growing very tired of Penns weight issues

--- End quote ---
If your beef with Penn's weight makes you sick and tired, than watching Freeman play should have made you dead or at least put you in a coma.

      The Donald of the Bucs got the nudge he's needed for a while from Coach Schiano when he reported to the Bucs' TC a tad heavy for Coach's tastes. He got to run around the field hauling tires and weights for a while as his teammates practiced. Once he was allowed back in practice, my impression is he's very much if not totally bought into the Schiano way, leaving his weight and fitness problems in the past. Sounds like good cause for optimism to me!  8)

People may not be happy with Penn, but he's more than adequate. It's tough to find a LT with that kind of consistency. I'm worried about when his play declines. It's will be tough to replace him unless we get very lucky. I don't see Dominik ever drafting a LT in the first round, so I'm hoping that the pro scouts can really do their homework when it comes to finding a good starter at LT.


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