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In honor of the Bucs #24....What could possibly go wrong for Revis and the Bucs?

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Fennelly: Will Bucs reap rewards with Revis?

Greg Schiano and the Bucs felt Darrelle Revis was worth a first-round draft pick and the risk of last season's knee injury.

By Martin Fennelly | Tribune Staff

 Published: May 11, 2013


 Retirement parties, ring of honor announcements … so much to do, so little time.

It's less than 10 days until the next Bucs organized team workouts and less than three months from the opening day of training camp, meaning there are less than 10 days and less than three months left to talk about Darrelle Revis before we begin talking about him some more.

Does anyone else out there feel the Bucs are slightly naked, in uncharted waters, now that Ronde Barber, the last link to the world championship team, will be pursuing a TV career and tee times?

Yes, there's no stopping this revamped Bucs defense, or this offense, or football team. Outside of that New York sportswriter sleeping in your den (and many thanks to those of you who are taking in the training camp overflow), this could be a truly special season.

What could possibly go wrong for Revis and the Bucs?

I can think of at least 24 things.

1. The knee.

2. Pass rush still can't get to quarterback.

3. “I thought you guys said Ronde was coming back?”

4. Freeman goes in tank when Schiano mentions maybe choosing starter “by height order.”

5. The knee.

6. Revis lockdown capability means more balls thrown toward Eric Wright, meaning … more balls thrown toward Eric Wright.

7. The other knee.

8. “You know what? I'd maybe like some guaranteed money after all.”

9. Revis strains lower back trying to lift blackout.

10. Da'Quan Bowers sidelined when TSA begins screening bags at Raymond James Stadium.

11. Freeman placed on IR, admits to torn ACL, makeup rash from “Thriller” shoot.

12. New Bucs consultant Sir Alex Ferguson suggests moving Revis to center mid.

13. Revis suspended one game by Glazers after complaining that Ed used the wrong wax on his car.

14. Revis loses half a step when he secretly lends it to Wright.

15. “Wait a second — we play Brees and Ryan twice?”

16. Revis sits out 49ers week to protest lack of progress on downtown Tampa baseball stadium.

17. Doug Martin sophomore jinx; yards, touches down, FDA shoots down Muscle Hamster protein drink after hamsters report muscle loss.

18. Revis injured reeling in sailfish during deep-sea outing; Mark Barron tackles sailfish after catch.

19. “Who thought up this stupid go for the quarterback on kneel-downs?”

20. Revis late to game at New England, mentions “splitting a cab with Talib.”

21. Eric Wright drug test shows traces of Julio Jones touchdown catches.

22. “Look, I told you guys during negotiations: I don't practice during 'Chopped' all-stars week.”

23. Revis morose after Busch Gardens “Revis Island” ride closes; large robot Revis develops swelling, oil on knee.

24. “Man, this building is like an ice box. Where's the thermostat, anyway?

Another fantastic example of the award-winning journalism of the Tampa Bay area.

Lord Jenkins:
Michael bot needs a filter.  Fennelly is the worst writer in sports. Even worse, I think he gets paid for his childish crap and allergies toward paragraphs.

Biff Barker:
Fennelly hysterical usual. Ed uses wrong wax on car.
Some of you lads need to lighten up.


--- Quote from: DeltaBuc5 on May 12, 2013, 12:57:30 AM ---Another fantastic example of the award-winning journalism of the Tampa Bay area.

--- End quote ---

in a word..... turrrrible!!

--- Quote from: Rat on May 12, 2013, 06:24:48 AM ---Fennelly hysterical usual. Ed uses wrong wax on car.
Some of you lads need to lighten up.

--- End quote ---

I'm always down for a good laugh.....but nothing in that article screams hysterical.

Skull and Bones:
3 main things can go wrong.  If any of these happens its not worth it.

1). Revis plays 3 years or less for Bucs.  I don't see him being worth the amount of money he is signed for when he is 32-33 so 4-5 years is probably his max.  5 years is what the minimum we would have gotten from our 1st rounder. 
2). Revis doesn't play at a elite level (keep in mind we are paying him $16 mil a year so he better play at that level)
3). Revis doesn't have a big enough impact on the team to help them make a playoff run or two.  Unless this team takes the next step as a contender then what was the point of this? 

Skull and Bones:
What if several of the names we would have considered at 13 go on to play 10 or more years in this league at a high level? For example, the Jets selected John Abraham with one of the picks in the Keyshawn trade.  Keyshawn only lasted a few years here while Abraham is still playing and has had a damn good career. 

Skull and Bones:
The more I think about it, the odds this trade has a happy ending are not all that good IMO.  All we can do is hope for the best at this point but this is poor General Management.

They took 24 away from pissant Barron and gave it to Revis?   LOL!      Dude goes from acting tough taking other guys chairs (for which he got a butt whipping) to getting pushed around by everyone to the point of getting his number taken from him.   That's as low as it gets.

Skull and Bones:
Took his number away like Price took that beotch's chair . 


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