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#45 : August 22, 2013, 01:10:36 AM

My 11 year old son has been showing an interest in Christianity and started attending this church with one if his friends.  Their family is what I would consider to be a little on the religious zealot side but whatever, I want him to make his own choices as far as that is concerned.  Well the wife thought it would be a good idea to start going there too and wants to expose our 6 year old twins to Christianity as well so I've reluntantly gone twice now.  Nothing like any church I attended as a kid.  There's a coffee bar, Christian rock bands, few people get dressed up, the pastor has tattoos and wears jeans and a t-shirt and two weeks ago talked about having to pee in the morning as part of his sermon...certainly more interesting these days and the congregation is huge and growing.  But this last week the pastor talked about how the primary objective of a Christian church and christians should be "bringing more people into the kingdom of God" . That's all that really matters.  So it sounds to me that its still the same.  Accept Christianity as the only way or burn in hell.

Not to sound preachy like a one truth or something but if you're like I was... (former young atheist then agnostic here) I saw the vid, still not sure you're serious about that being the minister or whatever but anyway, having been a person who was formerly completely against any organized church due to my crappy upbringing with lots of strict Christian family members and whatnot, I'd say take the family to a unity service.  It's not Unitarian, totally different thing.  Anyway, I'm not going to try to convert anyone, but Unity has no dogmas or creeds.  They claim to be Christian but when I went back a few years ago (my father converted when I was a teenager Im 36 now) I took a class about The Hindu scripture. lol I guess you'd call it new age but nobody would ever tell you (at any unity church I've ever been to) that you need to accept anything or burn anywhere. 

I just mean, I kindof had the same choice with my ex.  She started to want to go to church, guess she felt she was missing something in her life.  Anyway, I rediscovered it and even she still goes there even though it didn't work out with us.  I even started a thread about going back, in response or at least through arguing with one truth about his views two or three years ago.  I do the soundboard once a month even though I can hardly drag myself when I don't have the responsibility.  Anyway, it did change my life for the better and if I was someone not that interested in religion but with family who was asking questions that's exactly where I'd take them.  Hope that wasn't preachy.
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