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: June 15, 2013, 01:40:57 PM

I read this http://sports.yahoo.com/blogs/nba-ball-dont-lie/karl-malone-leaves-michael-jordan-off-time-starting-002126880.html; and the jack *** Karl Malone (God , I always hated this dude, and still do) does not have Jordan included in his all time starting five line up.

So it got me thinking who would I put as my all time starting five. This was not easy but I went:

Point Guard: Ervin "Magic" Johnson. No point guard could run the floor like Magic. NO ONE! He can score 30 if he want, he can get 10 rebounds if he want; Damn the ONLY player that has/can play ALL FIVE positions (do people really understand this). Who the hell is going to defend this 6'9 point guard that can thread a pass through a needle?! On top of being a excellent passer, Magic crashes the boards and is a triple double waiting to happen.

Shooting guard: Michael "Air" Jordan. Greatest scorer, greatest competitor, one of the greatest full court defenders! Do I need to say more?

Small forward: Lebron James. I am shocked as hell that I picked him! This one was TOUGH! Originally, I was going to put the Big "O" here but I wanted to stay with "traditional" small forwards. Then I was thinking it has to be the Hick from French Lick Larry Bird. I mean, Bird was one of the meanest, toughest, competitive sob's to ever play! He was clutch, could shoot your eyes out and showed up when he had to. But when I thought about Lebron James' game now; I had to put him here. He is by far, the fastest and most physically gifted small forward to ever play the game. In the post, you can't stop him, the mid range j is deadly and he now hits the three. On top of that, he is a full court, deadly defender.Him and Jordan on a fast break with Magic to decide who to pass to...............OH MY GOD!!

Power Forward: Hakeem "The Dream" Olajuwon. Some of you may say "but he's a center". The thing is though, Olajuwon's first few years he played power forward as Ralf Sampson (all 7'4 of him) played center. It was also as a power forward when the dream helped the rockets defeat the defending champs (The Lakers) to reach the finals in 1986. The dream was so unstoppable at the pf position that Pat Riley said this: "We tried everything. We put four bodies on him. We helped from different angles. He's just a great player." Olajuwon was just a magnificent player! One of the most finess big men to ever play the game. He could not be stopped in the post and that dream shake was a thing of beauty! Oh, and that defense he had..........wow! Not to mention, the ton of rebounds he will get each and every night. THE ONLY player ranked in the top 10 all time in blocks, rebounds, points, and steals! DAMN!

Center: Wilt "The Stilt" Chamberlin At first I was going to put Bill Russell here but then I wanted someone that DOMINATED each end of the court. And that is Wilt Chamberlin. How dominant was Wilt? He averaged 37 points and 27 rebounds as a rookie. It was often said that the only player who could stop Wilt was Russell (arguably the greatest defender of all time; after all the defensive player award is named after him). Well, he averaged 28 points and 28 rebounds a game against Russell!
Wilt was an athletic freak of nature (after all, he was also a track star). At one point, Wilt even lead the NBA in assists...............not bad for a 7'1 man!

This (in my opinion) would be the best starting five of all time. Every one is versatile, athletically gifted, dominates both ends and are great defenders (except for Magic).

I can not see any other all time team beating this!

Let me see you guys team and put it against mine.
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