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Went To The Gun Show Saturday

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Enough talk, I went to see for myself. Truth is, in the most liberal state in the union towards firearms, and with the highest rate of ownership, I could not purchase a weapon without a criminal background check. There is no "gun show loophole," only lack of enforcement.

With the choices being to enforce the existing laws or pass more laws that won't be enforced, it's an easy decision.

 "This is the truth because I say it is the truth" - Illuminator ("but hey . . . dont call me Illuminator because I dont want to get kicked out of this place . . . again")


and another gun thread is off and running . . .  a poll cant be far behind . .  .

Thanks for the update, Mr. Mises.  Out of curiosity, when you swung by the 7-Eleven on the home from that gun show, did they also require background check when you purchased a case of beer?  I hear it's even tougher to get one of those nowadays.

Call me Illuminator all you want. Go whine to the mods like the little **CENSORED** you are.

In the meantime, maybe you could stick to the topic of the thread instead of trolling? Any licensed dealer is required by law to run a background check, even at a gun show. Those that don't are breaking the law. Passing more laws doesn't stop people who break the law, enforcement does. Passing more laws just makes it harder on the people that do follow the rules, while doing nothing to deter those that ignore them.

lol, you guys provide a bunch of entertainment. 



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