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Hey guys and gals.

I've never been to a game and I desperately want to take my son to see the BUcs live either this season or next season. Does anyone know where I can go to get a travel package? LIke plane tickets, ticketsto a game, hotel reservations and perhaps a pass to Busch Gardens? My son is 6 and a half, so I'd have to really gear this trip for him. If anyone has any ideas it'd be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Via Travelocity, you can book flight/hotel/rental car and you can also add in tickets to Busch Gardens. The only thing you would have to do separately would be to get the Bucs tickets via ticketmaster/stubhub/etc. I try to make it out to two games a year and I use Travelocity pretty much every time.

Depending upon where you live, Allegiant Air has very cheap flights along with hotel reservations & Busch Gardens' tickets.  I booked my flight from NC to Tampa for $150 round trip, only catch is they only fly out on certain days a week. 

Thanks guys. I appreciate the help. I think I want to try and make a game in November, when the weather is cooler down there. Not sure yet, I'll keep you updated.


Just go to, or give us a buzz at 813-875-4155, and if I'm not there, just tell them that RoadDog referred you, and we can take care of ANY & ALL Packages you need.

BTW ... We're going to both the Pats game & the Seahawks, but looking to see who is already - or is still interested - in going &/or meeting up for the Season Opener in NYC, so if you or anyone is interested hit us up!


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