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Need 6 tickets to Eagles game.


I'm bringing the family for my 2 sons first trip to Ray-Jay on our way to Disney.

Anyone have tickets or suggestions on finding the cheapest (besides stubhub). I'd prefer not to sit in 300 level and would prefer a good view of the ship for my youngest, but I know beggars can't be choosers.

I just realized it's the Super  Bowl reunion game. Of course I pick the one game that might not be blacked out this year, LOL.


There is currently a good deal on the for 6 tickets in section 150 for $77 a piece. Gives you a decent lower level view of the field, and also puts you in the same endzone as the ship.

Thanks. I just learned of that site from another thread. Very nice, and I grabbed them. Usually don't like end zone seats, but these don't look bad considering the ship and hopefully get some up close view of the Super Bowl team. (This years and 2002's) LOL

They are doing another super bowl reunion game against the Eagles?  Wasn't last year vs. the Eagles the Reunion? 



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