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Skull and Bones

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#30 : September 12, 2013, 10:53:10 AM

If it turns out the Glazers have hired two straight turkeys for head coaches, they absolutely deserve the blame.
And blaming them amounts to what exactly? Should they fire themselves?

Thats what I mean when I say hard to hold them accountable.
They tried.. They let guys do their job and pony'd up major dough. I don't know what to blame the owners for.

Jerry Jones is the type of owner who can be blamed because he meddles but not the Glazers.
dude, they hand selected their HC choices instead of letting their GM make that decision.
I'm pretty sure hiring head coaches is almost always an ownership decision, not the GM.
probably so but then again, maybe that's why so many hirings are failures.  What do nerds like Joel and Bryan know about football?   Regardless, they hired the jive turkeys.

blind melon

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#31 : September 12, 2013, 10:58:03 AM

American Society and Culture has become nothing more than a blame game.

The real bottom line for our beloved Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the entire NFL is $$$.

Freeman Schreeman...

The NFL is $10+ BILLION dollar business.    It's a constantly repeating cycle,  players play well, fans happy, fans spend money, players get paid, NFL makes money hand over fist. repeat.

When one of those steps falter, the whole structure collapses. 

Arguably, this team should have everything it needs for this cycle, THIS YEAR, to correct itself. except some of the fans and the media aren't giving it a chance after 6.25% of the season has been played.

I think the larger problem around this place is the I want it now, impatient, excessive expectation crowd who constantly speak in absolutes ...   

The absolute Negative or Positive opinions used excessively around here (about a form of entertainment no less)  reveal an ignorance that would most thinking one was the village idiot in reality.  Even more amazing that some don't realize it.  The only group that's worse is the ones that do
and manipulate conversations to their own end (we call thm trolls.)

For **CENSORED**'s sake...

Enjoy the game, enjoy our team, its one place where we can be happy, sad, cry tears of joy and or sorrow as men and not be judged as less than...    have an opinion that doesn't suck or deal in absolutes. 

There... that's off my chest.   

Who knew how good it would feel as a fan when we now know what it\'s like for our team to have a direction, an attitude, and dare I say an offense?.  

Good time to be a Bucs fan.


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#32 : September 12, 2013, 11:26:05 AM

Well said


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#33 : September 12, 2013, 11:49:41 AM

I was prepared to believe that this team would go as far as Freeman would take it.  But, despite his mediocre play in week one, and despite the weird team photo story, I feel the limiting factor might be Schiano and the rest of the staff.  Schiano is still not a great gameplanner or gameday coach, and the offense was just plain unorganized and poorly blocked and you could argue that the defense was bailed out by an impotent Jets offense that still beat us when the chips were down.

Dominik seems to have put a good group together, but since Gruden left, there has been no competent leadership.  When you decide that the coaching and the system are the issues then it immediately calls into question how our players have been developed.  Who could Freeman have been?  Who knows, but it's looking a bit more like he has been victim to some bad coaching during his 5 seasons.

It's really saying something about the apparent state of the team after week one that our bipolar QB is nowhere near the biggest problem.
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