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I'm ashamed by the fact USF even has a football team...

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Too bad I can't get a refund.

That is all.

Well Lee Roy Selmon was an enormous supporter of the team and some say he's even responsible for it's inception. Don't be ashamed, be supportive.


--- Quote from: MSU_Fan on September 14, 2013, 10:34:02 PM ---Well Lee Roy Selmon was an enormous supporter of the team and some say he's even responsible for it's inception. Don't be ashamed, be supportive.

--- End quote ---
I love Lee Roy, and I know for a fact he would be disappointed by what this football program has become if he were alive today.

This administration completely ran the team into the ground...

USF historically has made quicker progress to relevancy in Division One than any team in history.  Starting a program from scratch the CFB world was incredibly impressed. What a great source of pride as a USF graduate that made me feel.  I was a big University of Tampa fan in the late 60'sand 70's. Tampa dropped football and it was really exciting seeing USF begin football in the late 90's.

However,  USF made a horrible mistake in dropping UCF from their schedule following the lead of KIng of Cowardice's methodology..... ie Florida dropping Miami which remains the biggest travesty in the history of CFB in the state of Florida..  Miami and FSU were both beating UF like a red-headed step child and UF couldn't take it anymore and dropped Miami their 3rd oldest continuous rival from their annual schedule.  Over the next couple of decades the fear of getting beat is transparent as Miami has won 7 of the last 8 times the teams have played. The most recent being Miami win this year which marks the end of UF playing Miami ever in the regular season as it stands.

Why do I mention the above? USF did exactly the same thing after winning 4 straight against UCF, the last being in overtime.  They "pulled a gator" and dropped an absolutely perfect rival as they arrogantly proclaimed they were so much better than UCF?   As USF graduate so proud of the school I felt nothing but shame for this outrageous cowardice by USF.  Well JMO but such things tend to come back to haunt such cowardice and now USF is apparently suffering.  The loss to FAU is USF's reward for its silly arrogance as they have lost 3 straight to some very bad teams.  Karma is  Beotch! :'(

As UCF beats Penn State and stands at 3-0 with a game scheduled against USF who is now forced to play UCF this year due to UCF being now a member of the same conference.  USF's pseudo- arrogance is about to take a real beating.  I expect a loss to UCF and the myth of superiority will end. 

Hopefully, this will lead to the great rivalry it should be.  A business model with both UCF and USF joined at the hip is a good thing not a bad thing.  It is tIme for some unified pro activity between both schools.  The Big 12 is sitting with 10 teams.  My suggestion put an all out blitz for both USF and UCF to become members of the Big 12.    That would be huge for both teams. 

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