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Derek Carr anyone?


WC-Bucs fan:
6'3", 218, 4.59 40 time. 69% completion, 14td, 3 int. Not including the first 18 minutes of this Idaho game, 19/21, 300 yards, 4 tds. He is an absolute beast, but I'm worried the lack of quality competition might hurt him. What round do you guys think he will go?

4th or 5th. This QB class is deep and that will probably affect his stock a lot. Not to mention his failed family member.

Skull and Bones:
He will go first.   2nd round st worst. 

WC-Bucs fan:
27/37 527 yards, 7 tds, 0 INT's today. His deep pass is ridiculously accurate, better than most QB's in the NFL that I watch. Is he moving up the board at all yet??

I think people saying he is later round are really off. His name will scare people but the reality is he looks lot more like an NFL player than guys like Manziel or Mariotta in terms of understanding the passing game n


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