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  Well it looks like we have a beautiful wekend here in CT, and what way to enjoy it more than lots and lots of libations. I've been stuck on the Harpoon UFOs and don't seem there is any reason to change, thoughI may through in a couple of Aprihops. I'll probally do a little yard work tomarrow, it will last about an hour before i crank up the grill and chill outside. The cd player this time of year contains Miracle Legion and older REM.

    My stress levels have been through the roof latley so I may have to include some silver patron and a Nice cigar.

 Whats drinking this weekend???

karen anderson:
Hey, Gruber!! After the UF/UCLA game champagne!!  ;D And after the UF/whoever game more champagne!! ;D What is a Harpoon UFO? And it's 80` here in Tampa. ;D

Kar what going on baby? Thanks for showin me some love today. I hope UF won for you. I don't follow any bb so sorry if I'm nieve. UFO is the nectar of the Gods. Its a delicious Hefeweizen(wheat beer). This style of beer is a great summer type beer ,very refreshing, depending on the type you can put  a slice of orange or lemon though I never put any fruit. No margaritias this weekend?? Btw its a beautiful sunny 68 here, perfect.

karen anderson:
Well, prbably margaritas, too. But after the Gators win the NCAA championship the 2nd yr in a row the champagne will definately be flowing!! Did you ever see the Man Law commercial were they ask if it's okay to but lime in your beer? The man law was 'Don't fruit the beer!' And I love your sig! ;D Where you been hiding? Glad to see you back! Love ya! ;)

While I lurk daily, I'm disaapointed to see some of my favorite posters gone  ICIT,Abuccs.etc.They had strong educated opinions . Don't get me wrong Boid, yourself, chev, sorry to who I'm forgetting are all great . But the board has seemed to lose some of its edge. Hopfully as the draft starts the quality will be back.

  I plan on bringing the thread back weekly now so I'll try and be a little more involved.

 As for the sig, they style was inpired by KrAzYbUcS  Bruce all sig that said I want to bear your children.


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