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NY stud prospect out for year


ronde bear:
Yea right when the Yankees were starting to impress me by having what appeared to be a formidable 1-2 punch in AAA, Sanchez goes down. This has to really hurt right now with as many injuries they are dealing with. Then again I think Sanchez was further away than Hughes, and had atleast 3-4 months of minor league work left to do

I liked Hughed more but either way Sanchez was good himself and this is a tough loss.

ronde bear:
Anyone else here about this? Humberto Sanchez had elbow surgery. Tough break. This is the main piece the Yankees got for Gary Sheffield. I was a big fan of Sanchez. I've never seen Phillip Hughes pitch but I know Sanchez had top of the rotation potential for sure. Hope he can come back from this

This is a blow, but like you guys said, Hughes is the guy you'll see pitching in the bigs first.

The yankees have so many pitching injuries right now.  If they make a run deep into the playoffs this year, I will be amazed.

ronde bear:
I loved how Huberto Sanchez pitched. He was an energy and adrenaline guy like Dontrelle Willis or Felix Hernandez. Maybe not quite as talented as those guys, but I think he was putting it together


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