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: October 30, 2006, 01:51:09 AM

This is very simple. Make a list of the people you feel are at fault for the Buccaneers dreadful slump, and the reason you blame them. I'll make sure to bump this post at the end of the season. Basically, I want a record of all of the complaints people have about each player they don't like for whatever reason. That way, when the season is over, we can see what happens with each player.

Here are the things that I have seen, just to give you and idea of what I'm looking for... (These are not my opinions).

1. Joey Galloway can't catch
2. Michael Clayton sucks, he can't get spearation, he has stone hands
3. Bruce Gradkowski can't throw the long ball, he's not that accurate, he'll never be more than a backup
4. Sean Mahan can't block high school lineman
5. Jermaine Phillips can't tackle, he's always going for the big hit
6. Derrick Brooks is washed up
7. Barrett Ruud was a wasted pick
8. Bill Muir hasn't done anything for the O-Line
9. Jon Gruden is the worste head coach ever, he abandons the defense, can't call plays, and is an ego-maniac

I think you get the picture.


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#1 : October 30, 2006, 01:55:54 AM

1. Joey Galloway- Needs to be more consistent and wear Krazy Glue on his hands in order to avoid dropped passes.

2. Michael Clayton- Still MIA

4. Sean Mahan can't block high school lineman because he prefers to be on the sidelines wearing a skirt and holding pom poms

5. Jermaine Phillips SUCKS

8. Bill Muir : hasn't done anything for the O-Line


Practice Squad

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#2 : October 30, 2006, 02:15:14 AM

1. Jon Gruden - Calls crappy, conservative play calls in the wrong situations. Abandons the run game. Will not get rid of coaches around him who are terrible such as Muir and Bissacia. Needs to get an offensive coordinator to help call the plays.

2. Chris Simms - Slow going through possesion, holds the ball too long, 1 TD: 7 INT in first 3 games. Handicapped the defense with his turnovers.

3. Bill Muir - Has not done a good job with our OL since arriving. Should have been fired at least a year ago.

4. Bissacia - Our special teams never make plays. Look no further than the ST coach.

5. Sean Mahan - Tripped Gradkowski twice against the Eagles. Can't block high school linemen. Is playing for unknown reasons. Gets called for holding, illegal blocks in the back, and tripping way too often. Can't block so he holds.

6. Booger McFarland - Could not generate any pressure from the UT spot.

7. Simeon Rice - Cannot generate pressure as an outside rusher anymore. Benefited from playing on a great DL.

8. Jermaine Phillips - Whiffs on tackles. Cannot make routine safety plays.

9. Michael Clayton - Cannot get seperation. Drops passes he should catch. Does not have exceptional, or possibly even good speed which means he must catch everything thrown at him to be a solid NFL WR. Has not lived up to his hype.


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#3 : October 30, 2006, 04:08:08 AM

Biggest reason:  abandoning the run, so I guess Gruden is my reason.


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#4 : October 30, 2006, 04:19:33 AM

Yea, Gruden. It's his philosophy that is defining this team.


Second String

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#5 : October 30, 2006, 06:24:09 AM

1. Gruden- A virus caused by abandoning the run and causing your QB to throw the ball too often. Symptoms may include an inability to post a QB rating of over 50.1, incomplete passes, forced fumbles, lost fumbles, interceptions, safetys, sacks, or ruptured spleens. An occasional side effect is the rare and elusive touchdown.

2. Jermaine Phillips- can't defend the zone, can't tackle, can't pick off passes, can't tip the ball, can't hit hard, and is fast enough for man to man coverage but hardly is put into it. Otherwise, he's a top-notch safety.

3. Mike Clayton- love the guy but he still hasn't shown whether that rookie season was luck or his norm. Still hasn't revived from that sophomore slump.

4. Greg Spires- he's just getting old and Dewayne White is inevitably better than him. Spires isn't in the same form that he was when the Pewter Pirates won the Super Bowl.


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#6 : October 30, 2006, 08:01:22 AM

Jon Gruden-He is at fault for a 0-4 start. Not preparing his team and very very poor playcalling.
Monte Kiffin-Horrible tackling.
Bill Muir-I hate you so much. Go away.
Dan Buenning-Not showing enough to hold back Mahan.
Sean Mahan-See Bill Muir.
Jeb Terry-Not living up to your hype.
John Wade-You are just average at best. Say hell to Sean in your place next season.
Jeramy Trueblood-I didn't like you as a pick in the 2nd round. And now I see why.
Mike Alstott-Should of hung it up last year. Your a legend in Tampa but your done now.
Carnell Williams-You need to start running early too. Not just in the 4th quarter because Jon abandons you early. And no more dropped pitches.
Joey Galloway-Dropsies.
Michael Clayton-Cant get seperation and dropsies.
Alex Smith-Not starting over Becht because of blocking issues.
Greg Spires-Slow and you are over paid. Say bye bye to your salary next year Bucco'.
Simeon Rice-I don't want to say this but... See Greg.
Dewayne White-He needs to step it up. You are getting alot of reps and not alot of production.
Derrick Brooks, Ryan Nece, Shelton Quarles-Losing a step. Speed it up.
Will Allen-You havent had a "Splash" play all season and thats why we love you.
Jermaine Phillips-You are horrible.
Matt Bryant-Last 2 games.... Can't complain.
Wesley Mallard-If you dont have any more games like you did yestarday your a gonner.
Tim Rattay-Way to beat out a 6th round draft pick rookie. You suck.


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#7 : October 30, 2006, 08:11:18 AM

OMG the sky is falling the sky is falling.

some of you are killing me with a handful of these inaccurate, bogus 1 liners.

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