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: May 22, 2007, 06:03:25 PM

Helmet Boxing Dangerous for Children By Anthony Wilson
(05/10/07 -- CHAPEL HILL) - It's a dangerous new trend sweeping the internet. It's called helmet boxing, and you can find it on Web sites like You Tube. Now a Triangle exercise and sports expert is warning parents how serious the new competition can be for children.


Type the words helmet boxing in the You Tube search box and dozens of videos will appear.

Eyewitness News contacted Fred Mueller, UNC exercise and sports science professor, after hearing about helmet boxing video posted online. The videos show children who Mueller says appear as young as 13 boxing each other.

"I mean these kids were swinging from left field, the ones I saw," Mueller said. He described children swinging wildly at each other. Fortunately their punches did not connect very often.

The children fight wearing hockey or lacrosse equipment. The helmets and gloves, according to the Professor, could lead to face, hand and head injuries.

One child could be seen in a video on top of another child, hitting him in the head. And that's what concerns Mueller, especially if the helmet boxers also play legitimate contact sports.

Mueller believes the blows from helmet boxing could cause damage that goes undetected until a hit during sanctioned competition triggers the injury.

Children may experience signs of a concussion, including memory loss, dizziness and vomiting. Parents should watch out for those warning signs especially if their children have hockey or lacrosse equipment. Parents may have to ask blunt, tough questions if they see su**CENSORED**ious bruises or cuts of their children.

Possible question include have they ever participated in helmet boxing and if they have, stop. Parents should also tell their children's' coaches about the activity.

Professor Mueller emphasizes that if a coach knows the behavior is going on across the country, he should tell his players not to participate because it's dangerous.

However, there are still people online bragging about participating in helmet boxing bouts.

Mueller says there needs to be more investigation into the activity to determine if it is as widespread as people say.


Second String

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#1 : May 22, 2007, 07:23:04 PM

I'm sure it will be a big hit on MySpace before too long.


Practice Squad

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#2 : May 22, 2007, 07:25:24 PM

And Natural Selection takes its course..
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