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karen anderson

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#45 : November 08, 2006, 12:01:31 AM

Doobie, if you do not like my posts, then either don't read them or ignore them. But to call someone bad names just isn't right my friend. And unless your last name is Glazer, the Bucs do not belong to you. Light out camper, it's past your bedtime ;)
My bucs are very pesonal to me.
I have fed them on many occasions.
Bed time..Heck I am probably older than you!
When you say they suck you are saying I suck!
Go away rookie!
  Hate to break it to you----& it pains me to say this---the Bucs suck. Big time. In almost Raideresque terms.


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#46 : November 08, 2006, 12:26:21 AM

How can ANYONE defend the Bucs performance and/or record?! Should we be enthused to lose? Forget that.

The Bucs need some serious changes.

It is a new day in TAMPA BAY!    GO BUCS!!


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#47 : November 08, 2006, 11:56:09 AM

I couldnt agree with you more... I pay over three hundred dollars for sunday ticket and superfan I never turn the game off early I sit all the way through it. could be cuz im trying to get my monies worth, or that im really trashed, but I always sit through the games thats what fans are suppose to do.


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#48 : November 08, 2006, 05:14:13 PM


Hey many welcome to this board! I see you only have 59 posts to date. Not sure if you've been a lurker before deciding to post. So let me point something out to you. Your reply is great and all, but it won't have any effect here, you see you're going to learn very fast that most of the posters here are fairweather fans and at this moment want Gruden fired. That is until the team starts winning again then they will call him a Genius, kinda like last season.  So, don't bother trying to make any sense cause you're just going to waist your time.

The funny thing is, that if we win (regardless or the Record) Our starting Qb is a future HOF our defense is beginning a new dynasty and Our coach I GOD.....

then again, If we lose, The coach should be fired, The quarterback should be benched and traded at the end of the year, and the Defense is Too old....

Been like that Since I started reading/posting on these boards a few years ago....

I would say 50% of the posters here are that way, maybe even more....

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