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T.I. McCrown: King of the South

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: September 09, 2007, 08:18:31 PM

QB: Jeff Garcia showed that he could manage the offense, and manage it well during the first quarter, but after Cadillac went down with that injury, the entire offense fell apart, and wouldn't move another inch it seemed like until the 4th quarter. If Garcia's injury turns out to be more serious than it seems, we may all be calling for Jake Plummer. McCown looked confused, and held on to the ball way too long.

RB: Again, After Cadillac went down, the offense fell completely apart. 12 carries and 60 yards. That's an average of 5 yards per carry. Before he went down, the Bucs were murdering the 'Hawks in the Time of Possession category. Gruden needs to involve Pittman in the pass earlier than 2:00 left in the 4th quarter when down by 14. I think we see some of Kenneth Darby next week.

WR: Besides the occassional Galloway and Hilliard sighting, the receivers looks dismal. They couldn't get open worth a s***. I've been all for Clayton since the day he arrived, but I've just about given up on him. At this point I'd be surprised if a team would be willing to give up some pocket lint for him.

TE: We have tight ends?

OL: They looked good in the 1st quarter. No, they looked great, but, as the game went on, Seattle was able to blitz and create penetration, and not worry about a lack of coverage, because, again, the way the receivers played was enough to turn my stomach. Oh yeah, and when did Kenyatta Walker change his jersey to #75?

DL: The front four was able to epnetrate, but they weren't fast enough to force Seattle into making any mistakes. They looked exhausted by mid way through the 3rd quarter, and it showed.

LBs: Missed tackles, poor coverage. Nothing else to say.

DBs: I wasn't too dissapointed with them, I thought the corners did good, the safeties missed some tackles they should have made. Will Allen needs to go.

Special Teams:
K: Matt Bryant looked great as always.

P: Bidwell looked good too besides that one question mark of a play when he thought he heard a whistle and just stopped.

KR: Where's Taye Biddle?

PR: Actually, the punt returners did very well and would have gotten us into some very good field position if it hadn't been for penalties.

The entire team seemed to fall apart as soon as Cadillac went down with that injury. The offense was controlling the T.O.P., the defense was playing like the defense of old, and Garcia was looking like the one from Philly last year. But, as soon as Cadillac left with the injury, Seattle took complete control of the game, and was able to run it straight down the throat of the defense. If the Bucs are able to generate a rushing game, whether it be Cadillac, Pittman, Graham, or Darby, we could see a 2005 type season. If not, we might see Brian Brohm in a Bucs uniform next year. Either way, it's only week 1, so nobody start panicking just yet.

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