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Well he doesn't have Galloway's speed.


--- Quote from: Uncle Stan on October 18, 2007, 08:19:58 AM ---Closet,

Just curious.
Have you moved yet-your bio still shows Tampa?

--- End quote ---

I forgot, I'll change it now,



Question. I remember seeing Jones as a WR during preseason and he showed some good skills and hands, why has he never been given a slot as a WR? He's got Galloway's speed and can serve as a deep threat.

guess this is a stupid question then, huh?

blitz:'s a logical question that I've asked too.   Seems that unless Hilliard gets hurt, he and Galloway will get most of the action.   Maybe someday Jones will see some action but I'm certain he's equal to Clayton as a receiver but it seems Clayton is used as a blocker/decoy more than anything.


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