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: January 01, 2008, 03:06:48 PM

I understand that picks me nothing, but alot of you are really down on this team, especially after 2 games were are back-ups primarly played.  Alot of these so called experts really like the Bucs and think the Bucs will win..

Quadry Ismail was on ESPN news with Eric Allen.  Allen said he likes the Giants because the way they played against the Pats.  Ismail yawned and said the Giants bore him and that the Bucs will be well rested and win.

Chris Carter says that the Bucs cover 2 will sit back and feast on Eli Manning.  The Bucs will win.  Michael Silver, NFL columnist for Yahoo Sports, also likes the Bucs.  Both he and Carter say the Bucs are the 3rd best team, behind the big two; Dallas and GreenBay.

Dan Marino, as most know, said the Bucs can most likely make it to the Super Bowl.

You can post more picks as they come later on in the week, but a lot of people have to stop worrying about it.  The Bucs didn't play since week 15 as far as I'm concerned, and we won that game 37-3.  The last 2 games Garcia played the entire game, we outscored the opponent, 68-10.  Against the Niners, we were up 13-7, but with the Niners not scoring a single point from there on out not DUE to turnovers by McCown, and Garcia carving up their D; I would expect it would be similar to the Falcons games outcomes...

The only thing I'd worry about is Garcia getting hurt and missing time in the game, but as far as talent and everything goes, the Bucs should win this game.  Yeah if you want to base the Giants off of last weeks loss to the Patriots, then yeah we look like we will have to fight our guts out...

But we should know by now, if teams played great every week, they'd be 16-0 Patriots.....The Giants had some pretty bad games this year, while the Bucs went through a stretch earlier in the year, losing 3 out of 4 to the Colts, Jags, and Lions.  We turned the ball over quite alot in the later 2, and still almost won those games.

As for the last quarter, I will disregard and should even Giant Fans if they want a fair assesment of the Bucs team they will be facing Sunday.  The Bucs lost 3 out of 4, but the 3 losses came without Garcia at the helm; and 2 of them were with back-ups altogether...
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