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#75 : March 16, 2008, 11:27:39 PM

A guy like Ronde Barber would still last into the 3rd round these days because he didn't run a 4.2/4.3 40 yarder and many teams put way too much stock in speed instead of instincts which Ronde Barber quickly showed he was full of.

I disagree, Some teams do put way to much stock in speed but the T2 teams don't seem to be those teams. Teams like Indy, Tampa, and Chicago seems to be less concerned with speed. We might have to agree to disagree on this point.

The Bucs have sifted through the trash and have found some gems in the 3rd rounds and/or later over the years. See Ruud, Flip, T-Jack and QB.
  Ruud was not only drafted in the 2nd round but "High" in the second round, like 5th or 6th.
The safeties don't factor in since good safeties usually fall alot farther than good corners. and i would hardly call Quincy Black a gem

When I asked you to name some labeled "can't miss" Cover 2 prospects, I admit it was a bit unpracticle, but the point that I was making is that thier isn't many players in the NFL that are considered "can't miss" Cover 2 prospects no matter what round they were drafted in.
The point i am trying to make to you,(Which i am obviously doing a bad  job at) Is that since there are more teams running the T2 that alot of those teams are reaching for players that fit their system.  Two examples of players that were taken in round 2

(61) Detroit-Gerald Alexander S BOISE STATE
  Although Alexander rarely makes mistakes when dropping into coverage, fills hard when he reads the run and is versatile enough to line up at safety or corner, he doesn't have great size or speed. 

(62) Chicago-Dan Bazuin DE CENTRAL MICHIGAN
 Bazuin is a good pick for the Bears' Cover 2 schemes, but it is too much of a reach. He doesn't have great size and didn't play at one of the power conferences. 

I imagine it's a good start for a rookie to have some speed with awareness and understanding of your responsibility to the scheme for this player to become a solid piece of the Tampa 2 puzzle and these players can be drafted in the second day without a doubt. We just have to do whatever we did last year because day two last year produced some good football players.
This one puzzles me, Earlier you said that teams draft guys with speed early, but here you think we can get someone with some speed on day 2?

Besides the steal we got in the 4th, i really don't see what players that we drafted on day two that  we know are good.

hi!  thank you!  finally someone could explain better than i could.

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