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#15 : October 09, 2006, 03:09:10 PM

see above...coaching staff changes have affected the defense this year


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#16 : October 09, 2006, 03:21:46 PM

I am gonna say this one more time for the trolls. Learn football you will be better off.

Gruden is not the problem and Monte is not the problem.

The problem is the previous brain trust who never got the big dance as Gruden did mortgaged this team to try and get a SB. Most defenses and windows are 5 years strong. The fact that this regime got another 5 years out of them is nothing short of amazing. And now it is time to rebuild. Sure this current regime made some bad decisions due to losing 9 potential good talented starters in draft picks that the previous regime pissed away on trades and draft picks that never panned out. They made mistakes with trying out washed up guys like Stinchcomb and Garner and giving them uncuttable contracts and up front money but other than that their pickups have been solid as well as their cap mgmt. Stinkbomb and GArner hurt though but they didn't have much choice in the matter they had no picks to even start or try to groom for the most part. Add to that the cap constrainst brought on by the blockbuster Rice deal that he was even amazed at, the undeserving Booger sweepstakes, the huge contracts on Brad, KJ,  when his time had plummted that was given by McKay after he tried to screw him. Face it folks we have not had the cap to be a player to retool with really good talent, we have had to go with mid tier cast off talent that was affordable. There is a reason their previous teams did not resign them. Since then Gruden and Allen have been building the offense and if you haven't seen the progress in that building over what we had in the past you are blind. Sure there is room for improvement but for 12 new 1st year starters in 20 games IMO the offense hasn't been to blame the past few games and they all did pretty well last year at 11-5. I see vast improvemnt in the line this past game especially with the inside runs and we have seen what may develop out of a young 6th round pick. I also like what I see out of our recent young D drafts as well especially Ruud. But we have spent heavily on offense because that was clearly broke when Gruden got here and had to be rebuilt and retooled. We can win with this offense now. And  Grduen has made the calls to win with said offense. It is the defense now that needs major retooloing and rebuilding, but why would anyone think their time would be evident so soon after a #1 year by them. I am sure Gruden nor Kiff saw it coming. I am sure they thought they could get at least another season out of it-- didn't we all at least think that. We knew the time would come but I never saw it coming this fast.

With this current draft and offseason coming up that can be accomplished with some work. We have the best DC in the busines to get it done. And Gruden finally has a vision of the offesne he had in Oakland. Why in the hell would you wnat to blow that up and start over. This offseason we are finally out of cap hell, can cut previous uncuttable salaries because there will no longer be any negative cap impact, we have a full draft, and we have a lot youth now who will get that much more playing time in the sytems to figure out whether they can hang or not.

We all knew this time was coming-- we all agreed that the mortgage and the D age would catch up with us-- and now the trolls act like the sky is falling. Gruden IMO has at least a year if not two to right this once we have the youth and the talent to get back on track. The Glazers see the big picture and owners know what they have.  The Glazers see the big picture. They have on of the youngest most successful HC's in football. And if you dont believe me find another coach other than Bellichek that has a winning record, 4 division titles, a conference title, and a SB ring in seven seasons.

I am backing Jon until he gets the talent it takes-- then if he loses the team and the players then it's time for change. These players still think this is the system to play for and have put the blame on themselves for not prducing wins. Until I hear that it is the sytem that is failing players no sense changing said system. It's a far cry from Dungy's system where they were winning but the players had lost faith in the ulitmate prize because of the offensive system flaws. We heard it all the time from 2000 on. the players haven't given up and the senior talent has said time and time again it's not the sytem it's them playing outside the sytem. So they back their coaches and believe and know what they have to do. It's not coaching it's players. And with our cap woes and lack of depth not much coaching can do about it, except start making changes they feel necessary.

Add to his he has had to change QB's in almost every year here and there is a curve to that.  Add tot hat his defensive had huge turnover.

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