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Second String

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: December 12, 2006, 01:31:23 AM

I think it's funny how some people feel the need to tell people how they should react at any given home game.  I'm a long-time season ticket holder and stay until the end of every game- no matter what the score.  I love the Bucs and will cheer when good plays are made and boo when I get frustrated at the bad playcalling and performances on the field.  That's my right as it is yours to cheer for whatever comes out on the field.  :-[
I think it just makes some people feel good to say "look at me.  I am a big supporter and you're not and I will cheer the team no matter what."  That's all fun and "loyal", however, if I am paying good money to watch my team play, AND I know that they are a better team than what their performance on the field shows, I will not cheer when we are bumbling all over the field looking like the keystone cops.  [banghead]  
You can cheer for the Bucs no matter how many times they fumble or stop producing, and that's fine.  But to scold those who don't have the same "passion" (or obsession) for the team, or how you perceive how the fans should react, is pretty ignorant.
Don't "shame" those who don't cheer when you want to cheer.  The shame should be on those who get paid to produce on the field but don't.  As a player, if I was getting that type of money, I would be apologizing to the fans every game.  But that won't happen and Bucs fans have to be ridiculed at their own stadium by opposing fans.   
You put the kind of crap on the field that we've witnessed for quite some time (barring a few great plays), then the response should, and will, reflect it.  If you want to reward mediocrity, that's fine.  You can do anything you like, just as I will.
Every professional sports team gets the same business by their fans if the production on the field stinks.  It's not just the Buc fans.  We've just been so good at it due to our history of lackluster playing, that we've gotten quite good at it.
I'm sure I'll get hammered by some of you Hall of Famers for not being a true fan, but you can't measure a fan by his cheering abilities, or lack thereof, for a team when they're down.  They are big boys collecting big checks.  They'll get over it....as should you.   ;D 

Boid Fink

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#1 : December 12, 2006, 01:37:30 AM

Go PI man.  It is worth it.  Espescially being a true fan.

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