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: December 29, 2008, 12:09:17 PM

What does Carolina and Atlanta have in common besides having made it to the playoffs over our beloved Bucs?  Both of those teams have dominant running games that wear defenses down and take games over in the 3rd and 4th quarters.  We started off the year looking like we would have the same, but it all fell apart as the season rolled on.  I don't attribute our running woes to poor line play, I attribute it to lack of talent at the RB position.  I am still not sold on EG, but he is, by far, our best option right now and when he went down so did our running game.  I am not even bringing up Caddy at this point as I no longer believe that the Bucs can count on Caddy to be a significant contributor from 1 year to the next. 

Many are blaming Garcia for our problems down the stretch, but I would say that we were asking Garcia to do more than what he was brought in here to do.  We were asking him to be a gunslinger in order to bail the running game out, but the coaches and the fans know that is not his strength so it is my opinion that he was setup to fail.  Are we going to be a running team or a passing team?  Somebody needs to decide what our identity is going to be and bring in talent at the skill positions to support that identity.  IMO, if we are going to be a passing team, we need a new QB with some arm strength and good decision making abilities and another receiver opposite of Bryant (Provided we can resign him).  If we are going to be a running team, we should be looking to do what Atlanta and Carolina have done and bring in some youth through the draft and free agency to compliment what Graham brings to the table and to take over for Graham once he hits the age wall.

I am bringing this up now because there has been an aweful lot of talk about QB & WR positions being our biggest needs on offense.  I would agree if we decided to take on the identity of a passing team.  If our identity will be running the ball, then we should be looking hard at RB's well before QB and WR.  My preference would be to go the RB route since I believe a good, young RB will make an immediate impact where I believe a young QB and WR will only help for the future.  After this year, I need some more immediate gratification.  Thoughts???


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#1 : December 29, 2008, 03:18:48 PM

The Bucs need a couple of hammers in the backfield.   The pickup from the Falcons in the off season was a pretty weak statement when Bennett was on the roster.   It's not rocket science.
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