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#15 : August 30, 2008, 06:13:52 PM

yea Marc Bulger was garbage this pre-season and the fact that the Bengals released Anderson, Johnson, Ahmad Brooks, and O'neal makes me think they are mistakingly cutting players they meant to put on the team.

haha....who knows..i'll stick with my picks for now..


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#16 : August 30, 2008, 08:32:39 PM

Tampa Bay 12-4  One of the best teams in football....
Panthers   10-6  I think they will be better
NO             6-10 Too much talent and too much pressure...they implode very quickly
Atlanta     2-14   Worst team in football  0-16?????


DAMN DALLAS  13-3  This team is scary....only weakness is the LB corp
NY      10-6       miss the playoffs
Skins   8-8
Eagles.6-10  Why the hype...they got 1 guy?

NFC North
Vikings   10-6   Good team
Bears     10-6  Loose the tie breaker
Detroit    6-10  No qb....no defense....27 recievers
Packers   5-11  better without farve.....i dont think so

Seattle   9-7
San Fran 8-8  getting better with no name qb
Cardinals 8-8
Rams      3-13

AFC East
New England 9-7 I think brady is hurt.....and their D is getting old
Buffalo 9-7 They are better but loose to tiebreaker
NY Jets 6-10 Farve hurt in week 6....they go downhill
Miami 6-10

AFC North  (toughest division in my opinion)
Pittsburgh 10-6
Cleveland  9-7
Cincinnati 8-8
Baltimore 7-9

Notes - The AFC North has a brutal schedule this season so no one is going to win in double-digits in this division. I think the division comes down to the head-to-head matchups between Pittsburgh and Cleveland...and Cleveland hasn't shown the ability to be able to beat Pittsburgh. Baltimore looks like it could make a move upward, but I think Flacco will be in there before you know it and kill their record. Cincinnatti with Housyomomma and Chad Ocho Cinco ailing, no running game and still a crizappy defense I think is spiraling down the drain and this will be Mr. Lewis last season in Cincy.

AFC South
Jacksonville 12-4
Indianapolis 10-6
Tennessee 8-8
Houston 3-13

I agree....but i think this has the potential to be a really bad year for indy..I think peytons knee is gonna be an issue

AFC West
San Diego 12-4  (keep an eye on these guys.....)
Denver 8-8
Oakland 6-10     I think they are on the move this year....no d....but that QB could have a good year
Kansas City 3-12  (KC IS BAD this year....no QB an oft injured running back with no backup..and very very young Oline

AFC Championship
San Diego over Jacksonville


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#17 : September 02, 2008, 09:11:57 PM

Good stuff folks...anyone else want to put their picks on the record?


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#18 : December 25, 2008, 01:42:45 AM

always fun looking back at these

"there are no medals here for who can stay at the office the longest," said Jagodzinski. "I'm not into that. The guys that brag about working till 2 in the morning, in my opinion, they're just not smart enough. "

18,2,25,13 ... murderers row?

I support coach Calhoun and his salary


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#19 : December 29, 2008, 03:26:45 PM

Wow...man did I have some lousy picks this year. Detroit was my surprise team and I was way off on Atlanta, Miami, Chicago, and the Giants...Wasn't too far off on the Bucs....10-6.

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