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OFFICIAL Sig Pics Thread. Board artists encouraged to join in.

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Here you go Jaybuc88.


--- Quote from: Bryant89 on April 29, 2009, 05:39:55 PM ---
--- Quote from: NavyBuc51 on April 29, 2009, 02:03:01 PM ---Thanks alot Bryant89 for my sig....

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No Problem. I like the addition that you put in it.

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Haha yeah thanks. I just had to put something on there so it wouldn't seem like that it was because of being i nthe Navy....

The HMS Man U was spotted off shore in the Tampa Bay where it was seen firing shells across Raymond James Stadium very own Pirate Ship. After many tries...they seem to have breached some part of the ship, causing it to take on water and sink...

Only the men aboard (the Bucs) can keep it a float while those two mad men fire shells across the bow.

Thanks :D  Poor poor reggie bush :D


--- Quote from: Bryant89 on April 29, 2009, 06:25:54 PM ---

Here you go Jaybuc88.

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Great work as usual Bryant89!

Pewter Warship:
Hey all, just thought that as a way to pass the time between now, the draft, OTAs, TC, preseason, and beyond this could be something to entertain for folks on this board.  For some of those that would like a sig, or who thinks who holds the rights to some of the best artwork on the board to post 'em here.  Besides, it is also a good way to get away from the multiple Cutler threads to boot ;).  So post away.  Here's a generic Brooks tribute sig that I'll pony up for any that want it, if you do want to use it as a sig, just make sure to take the sig and host in your own photobucket, tinypic, or other image hosting site.

Lets also make sure to please keep the images decent if possible. 


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