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Boid Fink

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#30 : February 06, 2007, 07:49:43 PM

If Moss goes, they will get some decent compensation for him.  And wideouts are a position that can usually be replenished rather quickly, IMO.  The Raiders take JaMArcus at #1, no doubt about it.



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#31 : February 06, 2007, 11:31:22 PM

Per Sports Illustrated.com...

It looks like the Raiders are going to trade receiver Randy Moss. The latest reports have Moss getting into a verbal fight with Lane Kiffin when the new coach reached out to the star receiver. Brett Favre reportedly has made it known he wouldn't mind ending his career in Green Bay playing with Moss.

If this takes place you could see Calvin Johnson replacing Moss which would mean there would be a very good chance that Joe Thomas and Calvin Johson go #1 and #2. Not a nightmare scenario, but not a good one either in my estimation. At that point I think we have to pull a move off if possible to move back a tad and get Okoye and another 2nd rounder. This is a deep class and it would benefit the BUCS to bring in 5 1st day picks.
Not so sure about the nightmare - Russell is looking the stud, and FA combined with other draft choices could well fill the holes. The bucs don't have a stud qb and this could be the remedy rather than looking at a thin FA group at that position. Unless of course Philly goes crazy and lets McNabb go free - very unlikely at best.

Yup Russell is gonna be a great QB. If the Raiders keep Moss, dont look now, but with their young top 5 defense and Russell and Moss and a couple of FA's and OL draft picks look for the Raiders to shock the NFL next year. Unfortunately, I see the Bucs going backwards untill we get a franchise QB and build that DL.

I am okay with the OL than some Buc fans, could use some depth, but we gotta try and get a franchise QB, Russell is the guy we need bad!!!!!

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#32 : February 06, 2007, 11:39:51 PM

russel to raiders, johnson to bucs simple as that


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#33 : February 07, 2007, 06:34:39 PM

Oakland will draft CJ this year, Michael Bush in the 2nd and get Josh Booty next year to reunite with Lane.  They'll grab Doug Free, Joe Staley or Ugoh in the second when they get rid of Moss and either a guard or center in the 4th. 
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