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« : February 21, 2007, 02:42:22 PM »

Oakland Raiders – JaMarcus Russell - QB– LSU – 6’6 – 260lbs
Notes:  Andrew Walter was given a shot to prove he was the future for the Raiders last season but didn’t live up too expectations.  It’s well documented that Al Davis does not like to draft QB’s in the first round, but the one thing Al Davis loves is freak Athletes and that’s exactly what JaMarcus Russell is.  It’s hard to find a word that properly describes Russell’s arm strength, which is incredible.  At 6’6 260 pounds he’s very mobile for his size and can get outside of the pocket which will be key when playing behind the Raiders very poor Offence line.

1)   Detroit Lions – Joe Thomas- LT – Wisconsin – 6’8 – 313
Notes: The Lions will take a long hard look at Brady Quinn but with Mike Martz on board will ultimately select the blue chip left tackle from Wisconsin.  Detroit’s Offence line was terrible last year and adding a talent like Thomas which would allow Bukus to slide back over to right tackle would go a long way in solidifying the offence.  Joe Thomas who is probably the best Left tackle prospect to come out in the last few years is polished enough to come in and start day one for the Lions.

2)   Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Calvin Johnson - WR – Georgia Tech - 6’5 – 233
Notes:  It’s no secret that the once vaunted defence of Tampa’s has lost a step but at number 3 overall there is simply no player on defence worthy of the pick.  Instead Tampa Bay selects the best player in the draft and selects the monster wide out Calvin Johnson.  Johnson has it all – Size, Hands, Speed, Vertical, Route running, Attitude.  The addition of Johnson will simply put more points on the board for the Buccaneers.

3)   Cleveland Browns - Adrian Peterson – RB – Oklahoma – 6’2 – 218
Notes: The browns could go a number of ways with this pick (Quinn, Peterson, and Branch) but choose Peterson who will have an immediate impact.  Peterson is a rare elite running back prospect that has a great blend of size and speed. 

4)   Arizona Cardinals – Gaines Adams – DE - Clemson – 6’5 – 260
Notes: Gaines Adams who is widely considered the best pure pass rusher in the draft should help the Cardinals defence out.  Gaines Adams is  similar to Jason Taylor; a little small but makes up for it with speed and athleticism

5)   Washington Redskins – Alan Brach – DT – Michigan - 6-6 -331
Notes:  Washington D-Line played very poor last season and really struggled to put any type of pressure on the QB.  Branch who is basically a beast at 331 pounds also has very good athletic ability for a man his size.  Branch will eat up blockers in the middle which should free up the linebackers for the skins and apply some pressure on the opposing team’s offence.

6)   Minnesota Vikings – Jamal Anderson – DE – Arkansas – 6’6 – 280
 Notes:  One of the amazing things about Anderson is he was recruited to Arkansas as a Wide Receiver. What does that mean? The guy is a freak athlete.  Jamal Anderson is a similar prospect to a Julies Peppers or Mario Williams but not quite in the same class – but close.  He should really help a Vikings defence that struggled to get to the QB.

7)   Houston Texans – Brady Quinn – QB – Notre Dame – 6’4 – 225
Notes: The David Carr era is soon over in Houston.  Houston is dangling Carr around the league in hopes of a third round selection so its time for Houston to start looking for another young signal caller.  Brady Quinn represents good value at number eight and has all the tools you look for in a franchise QB.

9)  Miami Dolphins – Amobi Okoye – DT – Louisville - 6’1- 290 lbs
Notes: Amobi really impressed scouts with his leadership qualities and quickness at the senior bowl making him a lock for a top 15 selection.  The Dolphins are going to need interior help with the vast majority of there line ready to test free agency. At 19 years old Amobi upside is very high and even at such a young age is mature physically and mentally enough to help out as a rookie.

10)    Atlanta Falcons – Reggie Nelson – FS – Florida – 6’1 – 195 lbs
Notes: Nelson is one of my favorite players in the draft and reminds me a lot of a young Ed Reed.  Atlanta really needs help at safety and would be ecstatic to pick up a impact player such as Nelson.

11)   San Francisco 49ers – Leon Hall – CB – Michigan – 5’11 – 194lbs
Notes:  While Walt Harris was a pleasant surprise last season the team still needs a good young corner to line up across Shawntae Spencer.  Hall who was coached by Mike Nolan at the Sr bowl would represent a nice value at 11 and fill a need.

12)   Buffalo Bills – Levi Brown – OT – Penn St – 6’5 330 lbs
Notes: Ever heard of Terrence Pennington? Well that’s the Bills starting right tackle and needless to say an upgrade is needed. The bills offence line was below average last year and Levi Brown showed at the Sr Bowl that he belongs in the top half of the first round.

13)   St Louis Rams – Lawrence Timmons – OLB – Florida St – 6’3 230
Notes:  Dexter Coakley is getting up there in age and Brandon Chillar starts on the strong side and defiantly could be upgraded.  Lawrence Timmons is a bit of a project in the sense that he’s only started one year at Florida St.  Although he may lack experience Timmons had an outstanding junior season and is has all the tools to be a great linebacker.

14)   Carolina Panthers – Laron Landry – S – LSU – 6’2 – 200

Notes: The Panthers really underachieved and don’t have a lot of glaring needs, so they opt with the best available player which is Landry.  Landry is the complete package at safety and should be able to start very earlier in his career.

15)   Pittsburgh Steelers – Adam Carriker – DE - Nebraska – 6’6 - 295
Notes: Mike Tomlin has said he wasn’t going to rush and implement a 4-3 into the Steelers however eventually it will probably happen. Adam Carriker can fit in both a 3-4 and a 4-3 defense so the versatility is very appealing to the Steelers.

16)   Green Bay Packers – Marshawn Lynch – RB – California – 5’11 217
Notes: Green is a free agent and it’s crucial the Packers have a strong running game.  Lynch is a very talented back which at number 16 is great value.

17)   Jacksonville Jaguars – Ted Ginn Jr – WR – Ohio St – 6’0 -180
Notes: The jaguars would be quite happy if Ginn was still on the board at 17.  Ginn would be the perfect compliment to players like Matt Jones and Reggie Williams and would really give the jaguars the home threat they have desperately needed.

18)   Cincinnati Bengals – Quentin Moses – DE – Georgia- 6’5- 260 lbs 
Notes: If the Bengals lose Justin Smith via Free agency then adding a top young pass rusher will be a priority.  Quentin Moses has all the tools to become a premier pass rusher the only concern is if he can hold up at the point of attack.

19)   Tennessee Titans – Dwayne Jarrett – WR - USC – 6’5 210 lbs
Notes: The titans lack a true #1 threat at Wide receiver and with Norm Chow connections too Jarrett from there days at USC he pulls the trigger on the 6’5 wide out.

20)   New York Giants – Darrell Revis – CB – Pittsburgh – 6’0 – 220
Notes: The Giants were one of the worst teams against the pass last year (28th) and both there starting corners are over the age of 30.  Revis is a talented cover man who should be able to contribute right away.

21)   Denver Broncos – Victor Abiamiri – DE – Notre Dame – 6’4 - 270
Notes: The broncos could look at a corner after the unexpected death of Williams.  The broncos lack a true playmaker at defensive end and Victor Abiamiri who is a freak athlete is worth taking the chance on.

22)   Dallas Cowboys – Justin Blalock – OG – Texas – 6’4 – 330 lbs
Notes: One of the few guards that have first round potential.  Massive guy who excels in run blocking – perfect for the Cowboys.

23)   Kansas City Chiefs – Dwayne Bowe – WR – LSU – 6’3 -217lbs
Notes: the Chiefs have lacked a true number one threat at wide receiver for a number of years and look too Bowe who is similar to Mike Clayton of the Buccaneers.

24)   New England Patriots – Marcus McCauley – CB – Fresno St – 6’1 205
Notes: With Asante Samuel testing free agency that pats will need another top corner.  Although McCauley really struggled his senior season he has all the traits you need to be a star corner.

25)   New York Jets – Damien Hughes – CB – California – 6’2 – 188
Notes:  Although the jets number one need is probably a running back there isn’t any value in picking one at #25.  Hughes is a productive corner guy who will battle with Justin miller to start.

26)   Philadelphia Eagles – Michael Griffin – S – Texas – 6’0 – 205 lbs
Notes: Michael Lewis has really fallen out of favor with the eagles and is set to leave via free agency.  While Consindine has done an admirable job replacing Lewis in the starting lineup the position can be upgraded.

27)   New Orleans Saints – Paul Posluszny – OLB – Pen St – 6’2 235 lbs
Notes:  The Saints really lack a true play maker at linebacker.  Fujita, Simoneau and Shanle are serviceable but the Saints can’t afford to pass up on a guy who was labeled the best linebacker to ever play at Penn st.

28)   New England Patriots – Robert Meacham – WR – Tennessee - 6’3 210lbs
Notes:  The Patriots really lack top flight talent at receiver.  Meacham who has a pretty nice upside should make a nice young tandem with Chad Jackson.

29)   Baltimore Ravens – Jarvis Moss – OLB/DE – Florida – 6’6 251lbs
Notes: If the Ravens lose Adaluis Thomas to free agency it’s going to create a hole at outside linebacker.  Jarvis Moss who was a key contributor to the national champions gators posses the athleticism to make the switch to outside linebacker in the Ravens 3-4 scheme.

30)   San Diego Chargers – Patrick Willis – MLB – Ole Miss – 6’2 240lbs
Notes: Donnie Edwards and Randal Godfrey are getting older and the Chargers could probably use an ejection youth in the middle.  Patrick Willis represents great value late in the first round and should be able to step in for Godfrey when he hangs up the cleats.

31)   Chicago Bears – DeMarcus Tyler – DT – North Carolina St – 6’2 315lbs
Notes:  With Tank Johnson legal problems the bears need a legitimate nose tackle to take free up the talented Linebackers the bears have.  DeMarcus Tyler should be a nice fit – he’s a big strong athlete who is able to eat up blockers.

32)   Indianapolis Colts – Jon Beason – OLB – Miami – 6’0 230 lbs
Notes: Cato June is set to leave via free agency so the colts will need a fast speedy athletic play making linebacker to fill the hole at weak side linebacker.

*** Second Round ***

33 – Oakland Raiders – Joe Staley – OT – Central Michigan
34- Detroit Lions – Charles Johnson – DE - Georgia
35 – Cleveland Browns – Aaron Ross – CB - Texas
36- Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Lamar Woodley – DE- Michigan
37 – Arizona Cardinals – Tony Ugoh – OT- Arkansas
38 – New York Jets – Michael Bush – RB - Louisville
39 – Minnesota Vikings – Sidney Rice – WR – South Carolina
40 – Houston Texans – Anthony Gonzales – WR – Ohio St
41- Miami Dolphins – Chris Houston – CB – Arkansas
42- Atlanta Falcons – Quinn Pit**CENSORED** – DT – Ohio St
43 - San Francisco 49ers – Craig Davis – WR - LSU
44 – Buffalo Bills – Zack Miller – TE – Arizona St
45 – St Louis Rams – Ray Macdonald – DE – Florida
46 – Carolina Panthers – Greg Olsen – TE - Miami
47 – Green bay Packers – Brandon Meriweather – S - Miami
48 – Pittsburgh Steelers – Anthony Spencer – OLB/DE – Perdue
49 – Jacksonville Jaguars – Tanard Jackson – S/CB - Syracuse
50 – Cincinnati Bengals – Eric Weddle – S - Utah
51 – Tennessee Titans – Tim Crowder – DE - Texas
52 – New York Giants – Kenny Irons – RB – Auburn
53 - Denver Broncos – Eric Wright – CB - UNLV
54 – Dallas Cowboys – Aaron Sears – RT - Tennessee
55 – Kansas City Chiefs – Justin Harrell – DT – Tennessee
56 - Seattle Seahawks – Ben Grubbs – OG - Auburn
57 - New York Jets – Aaron Rouse – S – Virginia Tech
58 – New Orleans Saints – Mason Crosby – K - Colorado
59 – Philadelphia Eagles – Troy Smith – QB – Ohio St
60 – New England Patriots – David Harris – MLB - Michigan
61- Baltimore Ravens – Josh Beekman – OG – Boston College
62 – San Diego Chargers – Johnnie lee Higgins – U.T.E.P
63 - Chicago Bears – Rufus Alexander – OLB – Oklahoma
64 – Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Ryan Kalil – C - USC


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« #2 : February 21, 2007, 02:47:42 PM »




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« #3 : February 21, 2007, 03:14:45 PM »

You got Abiamiri a bit high IMO. Overall pretty good. You obviously put more thought into it than most.

Boid Fink

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« #4 : February 21, 2007, 03:49:15 PM »

Would rather have Gaines than Calvin Johnson...

« #5 : February 21, 2007, 03:51:08 PM »

great 3 picks for the BUcs


Practice Squad

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« #6 : February 21, 2007, 05:06:16 PM »

I love Kalil at the end of the 2nd.  If we can snag him there, our first 3 picks would make this one of our best drafts in recent memory alone.


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« #7 : February 21, 2007, 05:12:01 PM »

Anthony Spencer > Lamar Woodley, I'd take Spencer over woodley.. Solid draft

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« #8 : February 21, 2007, 05:32:58 PM »

No way Nelson goes before Landry.......  And i'm a Gator fan.


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« #9 : February 21, 2007, 06:31:18 PM »

No way Nelson goes before Landry....... And i'm a Gator fan.

If Reggie Nelson has the combine that many expect him to have, then I fully expect him to pass Laron Landry who hurt his stock by not participating in the senior bowl.


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« #10 : February 21, 2007, 06:35:59 PM »

You got Abiamiri a bit high IMO. Overall pretty good. You obviously put more thought into it than most.

It depends on who you talk too; I personally feel that Abiamiri is a late first round or early second draft pick.  Saying that, premier pass rushing ends are at a premium right now and this guy is a freak athlete with a big upside, so I think the broncos reach a bit to get him.


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« #11 : February 22, 2007, 01:03:05 PM »

No way Nelson goes before Landry....... And i'm a Gator fan.

Oh really?

Reggie Nelson might be the best saftey to come out in years. He is a ballhawk and sure tackler (as he played LB in HS). To say "no way" Nelson goes before Landry is without question, crazy. Is it possible some team falls in love with Landry and takes him first, sure, but Reggie Nelson could easily go as high as the Cards at five, or the Texans at 8.
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